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The Terrorcons are a Decepticon subgroup from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Not a good day to be a Nebulan

Sometimes it's hard to take the Terrorcons seriously. Even for Decepticons, they've got a bunch of personality problems, not to mention a lack of decency. Individually, they're not much, and it's not very hard to outsmart them. One on one, an Autobot would probably win.

Then you actually meet the Terrorcons as a group, and you pray that Primus has mercy on you, because the Terrorcons sure as hell won't. They'll kill you for a bunch of reasons: orders, sport, boredom, a dare. They're not what you'd call soldiers, warriors, or even brawlers. They're animals, and they bring that thought pattern to everything they do, including their choice of altmodes, which are the forms of frightening beasts. They're all positively insane.

The Terrorcons consist of:

They combine to form the incredibly destructive (but surprisingly cute) Abominus.

Terrorcons, fight everybody! Rrarrr!

—Hun-Gurrr, "Call of the Primitives"


Generation 1 cartoon continuity编辑

The Transformers cartoon编辑


We're the only seven-headed combiner group, blagh! blagh!

The Terrorcons accompanied Galvatron to acquire anti-electrons from Unicron's disembodied head. During the adventure, they were attacked by Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Kup. They managed to get the upper hand, but were quickly attacked by the newly made Technobots. The Terrorcons formed Abominus, but thanks to the sacrifice of Grimlock's super intelligence, the Technobots formed Computron, and defeated the Terrorcons. Grimlock's New Brain

Soon afterwards, the Terrorcons were now under the control of the Quintessons for no apparent reason. Hun-Grr was dispatched to attack Dirk Manus, a human smuggler who had discovered a device of great value. The Terrorcons had been modified by the Quintessons to disassemble from their Abominus form after a short period of time, which was their undoing: Computron detected the timer devices and activated it, forcing the Terrorcons and Quintessons into retreat. Money Is Everything


Prince has really bulked up.

The Terrorcons were among the Decepticons fighting the Autobots on Earth's Moon. They formed Abominus on Galvatron's command, but soon disassembled and left with the other "primitive" Transformers when the Primacron's assistant called them away to fight the powerful Tornedron. The Terrorcons were the only primitives to fight the energy-draining Tornedron with something other than energy-based weaponry, but were quickly defeated. Call of the Primitives

Late in the year 2006, the Terrorcons attacked Gregory Swofford and Mark Morgan's laboratory to steal their new heat-and-radiation-resistant alloy. The fight between Abominus and Computron caused significant damage to the lab and seriously injured Morgan's daughter, Jessica, leading the two scientists to plot revenge on all the Transformers by infecting them with the Hate Plague. Nice going there, guys. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

The Headmasters cartoon编辑

In 2011, Hun-Gurrr and the Terrorcons journeyed to Cybertron over the long-abandoned Decepticon Space Bridge. They were part of the first wave of Galvatron's siege, hoping to gain control of Vector Sigma. Hun-Gurrr's team combined into Abominus to battle Superion. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky Later on, Abominus teamed up with his fellow combiners to wage war on their Autobot counterparts. Their victory seemed assured until the Battleship Maximus swooped in and scattered the Decepticon combiners. They barely survived the encounter. The Mystery of Planet Master On Earth, the Terrorcons intervened on Hot Rod's search for the Matrix of Leadership. Chromedome and the Autobot Headmasters kept the Terrorcons busy so that Hot Rod could complete his mission. Even after the Terrorcons formed Abominus, the Headmasters stood against them, and the arrival of Computron swung the odds firmly on the Autobots' side. Abominus was last seen with his head buried in the sand, being kicked in the side by Computron. Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime

When Galvatron launched a metal-warping meteorite at the Autobots on Athenia, he brought along the Terrorcons to occupy the Autobot forces. Linking up as Abominus, they once again battled Computron and the Headmasters. Approach of the Demon Meteorite

Scorponok devised a scheme to harvest plasma energy from the planet Mars by setting off a series of explosives that would utterly destroy the planet, releasing its stored energies. The Terrorcons were responsible for planting the bombs. Hun-Gurrr was spotted by Daniel Witwicky, Wheelie and Shouki of the Trainbots, but the other Terrorcons managed to take them hostage. Hun-Gurrr left Rippersnapper and Sinnertwin in charge of the hostages, while he took the other Terrorcons to finish planting the charges. The duo failed to notice when Danny set off a homing signal, however, and were soon forced to flee when the Headmasters arrived to rescue their friends. Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger They managed to get two of the three sites set before being set upon by Raiden and the Headmasters. By forming Abominus, the Terrorcons held their own until Scorponok arrived with his mighty Transtector, MegaZarak. The giant scorpion occupied the Autobots long enough for the Terrorcons to finish their work, and Mars was consumed by the resultant atomic inferno. Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears

Soon after, the Terrorcons joined Sixshot and the returning Galvatron on an energy raid. They sought to prevent the Autobots from re-energizing the distant world of Sandra, and steal the energy for themselves. The Terrorcons formed Abominus for yet another in a series of battles against Computron. SOS from Planet Sandra When Galvatron left for deep space to plunder new sources of energy, the Terrorcons went with him. Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!! Hun-Gurrr and Sinnertwin were seen gathering energon on the planet Paradise, and the Terrorcons later formed Abominus to battle the Monsterbots. Head Formation of Friendship

The Terrorcons returned with Galvatron and the other Decepticons, setting up shop on Earth under Sixshot's command. He joined an enormous offensive against the Autobots' facility in Miami, drawing out the troops from Autobot City so that Sixshot could kill Ultra Magnus. Body-slamming Computron as Abominus was just icing on the cake. Ultra Magnus Dies!! The warfare on Earth continued, as the Terrorcons assembled as Abominus in part of a five-fold simultaneous strike on Autobot interests engineered by Sixshot. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg


这个角色的词条只是 存根 ,缺乏他们的 出场剧情 ,你可以帮助 变形金刚 维基这里完善它。.

Zone cartoon, comic and story pages编辑

Seeking to create a Decepticon Zone to counter the Autobot Zone, Decepticon Emperor Violen Jiger gathered together the Nine Great Demon Generals, upgrading them with powerful new armor and weaponry, then sent them forth to conquer planets. The Terrorcons were summoned, but only as Abominus. Zone Part 1 Transformers: Zone Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Marvel Comics continuity编辑


Run away! Run—no wait. Run toward! Run toward!

The Terrorcons were among the many Decepticons under the command of Scorponok on Cybertron. Ring of Hate! They journeyed with their squad to the world of Nebulos, in pursuit of Fortress Maximus's Autobots. The mighty warrior Blot was chosen to participate in the Decepticons' initial attack on the Nebulans and Autobots in the capital city of Koraja. Broken Glass!

On Nebulos, the Terrorcons had a terrific time terrorizing organic creatures in the city of Splendora, till the Technobots showed up and kicked their tails. Combining into Abominus didn't help much, as it basically provided Computron with a larger target. Love and Steel!

The Terrorcons later traveled with Scorponok to the Mercury Gardens of Melanossus in response to an Autobot sighting there. The newly-minted Targetmaster Autobots proved to be a fair match for them; only the Autobots' concern for the Gardens' well-being ended the battle, as they retreated to prevent further damage to them. Brothers in Armor!!

The Terrorcons, along with the rest of the Decepticons, left Nebulos soon after, journeying to the planet Earth. Trial by Fire! There they participated in various battles, most notably against Ratbat's forces, Cold War! then briefly against an Autobot force under Optimus Prime's command. Shortly thereafter, they were deactivated by the Underbase-empowered Starscream and not seen again. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines编辑

After Soundwave took command of the Decepticons, the Terrorcons were part of Soundwave's elite soldiers, accompanying him to the past during the Time Wars snafu. Time Wars

Transformers in 3-D编辑

The Terrorcons and Cyclonus intercepted Ultra Magnus's team during the search for Metascan Alpha. The Terrorcons united into Abominus, but the Autobots ignored them and continued with their mission. A short time later, Abominus came under attack from the Destructons and was blasted apart. The Terrorcons began a retreat and found themselves being aided by Ultra Magnus, resulting in Cyclonus agreeing to a truce between the two factions. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity编辑

Hun-Grrr and Rippersnapper attended a Decepticon gathering called together by Serpent O.R., who was looking to recruit more fighters to his cause. Hun-Grrr was skeptic to being ordered around by such a tiny leader, but was suitably convinced when Serpent O.R. proved to be the "son" of Megatron. The Art of War #3 Rippersnapper later helped defend the Decepticon base from a combined Autobot/G.I. Joe assault, The Art of War #4 while Hun-Grrr protected Serpent O.R. from an furious Optimus Prime. The Art of War #5

IDW Generation 1 continuity编辑

Monstrosity2 Terrorcons

Hun-Grrr and Blot participated in Megatron's illegal gladiatorial deathmatches just prior to the formation of the Decepticons. Megatron Origin #2

When Megatron was defeated early in the war, he was ousted by Scorponok and banished to Junkion. Believing exile to be far too lenient a punishment for his failure, the Terrorcons traveled to the alien planet to finish their former leader off, planning to do the same to Scorponok later on. Wreckage However, they severely underestimated Megatron, who was able to take down four of them with his bare hands even while running dangerously low on energon. Hun-Gar had the upper hand for a while, but was also defeated as soon as Megatron was able to refuel. Now aware of his power, the Terrorcons swore loyalty to Megatron in exchange for being spared, then brought him back to Cybertron to take revenge on Scorponok. Prey After Megatron was done punishing the usurper personally, he gave the Terrorcons free reins to tear into him... as long as they kept his pain receptors intact. The Illusion of Control

SpotlightSixshot Terrorcons WhoUs

As the war went on, the Terrorcons became Sixshot's biggest fans, hoping to one day be as powerful and feared as the Decepticons' number one mercenary. They were also the closest thing Sixshot has to "friends", as every other Decepticon was scared to death of the guy. The Terrorcons went on a mission to Mumu-Obscura where they were taken prisoner by the Deathbringer and the Reapers. Sixshot came to their rescue, and though he was tempted to join the Reapers after Deathbringer extended an offer, Sixshot refused to pass the final test for membership: kill the Terrorcons. The Reapers accepted Sixshot's rejection and allowed him to leave with his "friends". Spotlight: Sixshot

As the war ended, the Terrorcons apparently went their separate ways. Blot, Cutthroat, and Sinnertwin were among the Decepticons who returned to Cybertron. Blot may have been killed by the rogue Autobot Arcee while standing watch. The End of the Beginning of the World Cutthroat and Sinnertwin participated in the rioting when Megatron returned to the new Cybertronian settlements. City on Fire Hun-Gar and Blot's spark-brother Blip were part of a band of Decepticons caught practicing pink alchemy at Sensensica when the Autobots of the Lost Light intervened. Before & After Both of them were captured and brought back to Cybertron, where they participated in an ill-fated attempt to rescue Megatron from an Autobot trial. Predestination: A Beginner's Guide

Cutthroat, Rippersnapper, and Sinnertwin were hired by Starscream to guard his Regenesis ore mine within Metroplex, and challenged Windblade and her entourage when they came to investigate. Windblade #2 Cutthroat fought with Windblade and Tankor while the other two faced off with Slug and Blurr until Starscream himself intervened and captured the Autobots. Windblade #3


Transformers Legends编辑


Six continuity headaches in one.

The Terrorcons were cloned by Shockwave based on ancient CNA. When they proved uncontrollable, Shockwave sent Predacons Razorclaw and Divebomb to capture them. In the end they recaptured the Terrorcons and returned them to Shockwave's control. For now. Unleash the Beasts

This event was explicitly branded as a Beast Hunters tie-in. However, given Transformers Legends's general predilection towards Generation 1 and the presence of Shockwave, Razorclaw, and Divebomb, TFWiki is treating it as part of the G1 continuity family.

Fearing the Technobots would form Computron, the Terrorcons ambushed them outside Autobot City. After successfully defeating them, the Decepticon team attacked an unsuspecting Autobot City itself. Circuit Breaker


Generation 1编辑

G1Hun-Gurrr toy

Hun-Gurrr! I want you so bad I can taste it!

G1Blot toy

Nose monster!

The Terrorcons are a Scramble City-style combiner team: four simple, small figures who form the limbs of the combined form, sold carded at the $5 price point, and one larger leader who forms the central torso, sold boxed at $12. They can combine with members of any other Scramble City-style combiner team, or join together to form Abominus. They were sold both individually and as part of a gift set.
The small toys are fairly simplistic, even for Scramble City limbs. Most of their transformations consist of flipping out the beast torso to form "legs", and flipping back the beast head to reveal the robot head. The robot forms are exceedingly kibble-laden, with beast arms, legs, heads, tails and wings all hanging off, hoping not to be noticed. They also tend to have rather stunted robot-mode arms. Articulation is limited to a single swivel joint at each shoulder, and knee joints (not very useful due to their fused unifeet.) Beast mode articulation is much more wide-ranging, with most beast limbs having a swivel joint. They can wield their guns in either mode.
The team does not share common plastic colors, but their collective palette is dominated by light gray, yellow, blue, purple and magenta.

Universe (2008)编辑

  • Special Team Leaders (Multi-pack, 2008)
    • Series: Classic Series
Hun-Gurrr is a redeco of the Cybertron Legends of Cybertron Scourge toy.


Foreign names编辑

  • Japanese: Terrortron (テラートロン Terātoron)
  • English: Reptile Regiment (Omni Productions dub)
  • Italian: Terrorbot