'变形金刚牛奶焦糖夹心 (トランスフォーマー ミルク キャラメル),后来简称为变形金刚奶糖,不是最早,也是够早期的一种变形金刚盒玩,由Kabaya所生产。远至1985年到1988年,本系列模型是一种小型、纯色软胶模型,在日本称为keshigomu。如这系列的名称,他们内附焦糖夹心的巧克力糖果。

The similarity of the Caramel figurines to the later keshigomu that would be released by Hasbro as part of their "Decoy" promotion has led Western fans to refer to them as "Decoys" as well, obfuscating their different origins somewhat.

战斗吧!超级机器人生命体 变形金刚编辑

Milk caramel starscream

Figures in the first year of the Caramel line were smaller and flatter than their bigger cousins, the Decoys, featuring less sculpted detail, with some characters (particularly the Mini Vehicles) being based more on their toys than on their character models. The first series of figures were available in white, blue, sky blue, yellow, green and orange, whilst the figures from the second series were available in red, yellow and blue, a trio of colors that would become the standard for many subsequent Transformers keshigomu figurines.

战斗吧!超级机器人生命体 变形金刚 2010编辑

Tf2010 caramels

This year's line of figures were cast in various colors of glow-in-the-dark rubber; each figure was available in red, yellow, blue and green.


Caramel skullcruncher

This year's Caramel figures each had a base moulded onto their feet that was actually a rubber stamp sculpted in the image of the character's face, with their name below it. The figures were available in red, blue and yellow.

Information on this particular series is sparse; we can't swear that this listing is complete, but we think it is, given how it breaks up into groups of nine like all the previous waves. Triggerhappy does seem a bit conspicuous by his absence, though.


Caramel hydra

The final collection of Caramel figures took things in a different direction. Each Caramel box now contained two figures, smaller than previous figures (now standing about half the height of a regular Decoy) and still attached to their rubber sprue, depicting the character in question in both robot and alternate mode (for the six-changing Sixknight, his drill tank mode was used). The exception to this was King Poseidon, whose limbs and torso were available in two separate sets (at three pieces to a set), and had to be combined to complete the figure. This year's figures were available in red, yellow and blue, so you ran the risk of a multi-colored King Poseidon!

  1. King Poseidon 1 (Turtler, Gulf and Kraken)
  1. King Poseidon 2 (Overbite, Lobclaw and Tentakil)
  1. Super Ginrai
  1. Sixknight
  1. Buster
  1. Hydra


  • In total there are 213 Transformers Caramel keshigomu to collect. 81 from the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers line, 36 from the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010 line, 54 from The Headmasters and 42 Super-God Masterforce. Easy.