Zoom-Zoom is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.
Zoomzoom robot

Soulless corporate pitchman. No, seriously, that's his backstory.

Zoom-Zoom is not a true, living Transformer. He is a human-created artificial intelligence program based on data taken from the Autobot Jazz, placed inside a spare Mazda RX-8-model Alternator Transformer body. Jazz gave Zoom-Zoom his name (based on Mazda's advertising slogan), and treats him in many respects like a son or brother. He's even tried teaching Zoom-Zoom how to dance.

Though Zoom-Zoom has a limited degree of intelligence and independent thought, he is combat-capable. His body is no different from Jazz's Alternator form save in coloration, so he can hold his own in battle but lacks experience or improvisational skills. As such, he requires steady supervision on the field. Hopefully, Zoom-Zoom's learning capabilities are enough to eventually overcome this weakness.


Mazda's RX-8 Website

Zoomzoom creation

Maxing out the Zoom-ometer

In 2004, Mazda created a promotional website for the Alternator RX-8. The site was unique in that it was set "within" the Transformers universe, including futuristic views of Earth's cities after 20 years of contact with Transformers.


At the Mazda Concept Lab in Hiroshima, Japan, a secret project was conducted to create a concept car to host the 2004 Detroit Auto Show. By giving the RX-8 prototype more "zoom zoom," the Lead Engineer was able to bring the car to life.

Press Release

Mazda's in-universe press release following Zoom-Zoom's creation read:

Detroit 2004

Zoom-Zoom was created to host the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, at which he was not present

The TRANSFORMERS® RX-8 is a TRANSFORMERS ALTERNATORS vehicle that combines the spark from an AUTOBOT soldier with pure 100% MAZDA ZOOM-ZOOM. It's a powerful combination that brings together the finest qualities of the AUTOBOT champions and the ultimate in HUMAN engineering. Powered by an amazing ROTARY RENESIS ENGINE, the RX-8 is determined to carry on the fight to save planet Earth for as long as it takes. While exceedingly powerful, the RX-8 isn't some muscle-bound thug. He constantly impresses his adversaries with stunning displays of grace and agility. A true athlete, the RX-8 is a real testament to what can be accomplished when brain and brawn come together. His physical prowess and confident attitude ensure his place at the forefront of the battle against evil and second-rate automobiles, giving all sentient beings the right to experience the freedom and exhilaration they so richly deserve.

Alternators Backstory

The RX-8 site also included the only English-language story for the Alternators ever published.

After the evil DECEPTICONS used COSMIC RUST to all but wipe out the AUTOBOTS who were protecting MOTHER EARTH, HUMANS decided to create their own TRANSFORMERS in a last ditch effort to save the planet. Car companies like MAZDA funded the project, implanting sparks from the damaged Autobots into new, man-made BINALTECH bodies. The fight continues.



  • Meister (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: BT-08
    • Accessories: Exhaust pipe/gun

Zoom zoom zoom!

Zoom-Zoom is a variant of the Binaltech Meister (the Japanese name for Jazz) toy, the primary difference being red plastic and paint replacing white. He shipped in a 1:1 ratio with Meister; every case had an equal number of Meisters and Zoom-Zooms. Like all Binaltech toys, he uses painted die-cast metal for most of his car-panel parts rather than colored plastic.


The noggin of "The RX-8 Transformer" from Mazda's site

Zoom-Zoom was actually the first glimpse the fandom had of the Mazda Alternators toy, from a Flash presentation on the Mazda website. An early 3D model in red was presented before Hasbro or Takara had announced the toy. As the head design was not what the toy actually ended up with, fan speculation ran rampant as to who exactly the character was, ranging from Overdrive to Camshaft, the latter actually coming from a Hasbro customer service phone representative at one point. Some fans took to (loudly and jokingly) claiming the character should be called "Zoom-Zoom" due to the prevalence of the phrase in the animation. Apparently, Binaltech fiction author Hirofumi Ichikawa took this to heart.

Note: Zoom-Zoom is only referred to by this name within the accompanying booklet. The toy's box still refers to it as "Meister", even though it shows a picture of the red version on the front. Aside from this photo, the packaging and booklets in both versions were identical.


  • The name Zoom-Zoom is a phrase used by Mazda to describe what it calls the "emotion of motion" that it claims is inherent in its cars. [1]


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