Zoom is a deceased Autobot. He really liked the Dinobots


Beast Hunters issue 3

In Last Spark, Zoom excitedly approached Sludge and Firestar to tell the former how excited he was that the Dinobots were around, and to offer to help out on patrol whenever they needed. His help was somewhat emphatically declined.

Beast Hunters issue 4

As Sludge, Slug and Snarl debated going out to look for the missing Grimlock and Swoop, Zoom again volunteered his help with great enthusiasm, meeting comparable success. Later, moping about what a fool he'd made of himself, he was ambushed by rampaging monsters and incapacitated.

Beast Hunters issue 6

Zoom survived, only to experience a series of planetwide quakes that destroyed Last Spark, killing everyone but him and Firestar. The two left in search of the Dinobots and ran into Sludge, who himself was trying to find Last Spark and was shocked by the news. 

Beast Hunters issue 7

Just as they decided to head for the surface, they were attacked by a new threat. While Sludge attacked the creature, Firestar and Zoom went on towards the surface, only for the Predacon to catch up with them and carry off Zoom. Sludge eventually found him while tracking the Predacon, however as his lower half was missing, there wasn't much hope for his survival. Zoom said that he'd fought "like a Dinobot would", and Sludge responded that as far as he was concerned, Zoom was a Dinobot. Zoom thanked him moments before expiring, and Sludge swore vengeance over his body. 


  • It's not clear which dinosaur attacked Zoom in Last Spark, since the silhouette appears to have a frill, horns, and a spiked tail.
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