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The Zone manga basically contains the exact same story as the Zone OVA. It was released as part of the April 1990 issue of TV Magazine and was illustrated by Ban Magami. Three months later, in July, the OVA was released, which repeated the story in animated form. Notable differences between the OVA and manga include:

  • The manga used different character designs for the Nine Great Demon Generals. (The same character designs used in the TV Magazine story pages.)
  • Predaking is not sliced in half by Dai Atlas, but rather is defeated by the Zone Mode Attack at the end.
  • The Decepticon Generals' personalities appear to be the same as they were pre-Zone, which is not as clear in the OVA.
  • It's implied that Dai Atlas is becoming leader because Star Saber is still wounded. The OVA isn't clear about why Dai Atlas is becoming leader.

The manga has since been republished as part of Transformers: The Comics.

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