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"Soon this entire planet will call me queen."
― Zizza after revealing her plans to the Autobots in The Buzz on Windblade.

Zizza is a queen bee-themed female Decepticon who possesses the ability to control the minds of others and turning them into loyal drones. She would rely on her subjects to help her with her plans and wouldn't hesitate to harm them at her own will. 

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


On Cybertron, Zizza hypnotized numerous Cybertronians into doing her bidding. However, she failed to properly consolidate her power before the effects of her mind-control wore off, leading to her capture. She was imprisoned in a stasis pod and sent away from Cybertron aboard the prison ship Alchemor until the ship eventually crashed on Earth, setting her free.

Zizza eventually set up a new base of operations in a human airfield outside Crown City, hypnotizing the airfield's staff. Her new "workers" began renovating the airfield to suit her demands, setting up heat lamps in the central hanger to accommodate her need for high heat temperatures. The pilots became her new "drones", flying regular patrols over the airfield and warding off any intruders that come near.

Her signal was eventually detected by the Bee Team and the visiting Windblade. After evading Zizza's human subjects, Windblade, StrongarmGrimlock, and Sideswipe broke into her new throne room where she ordered her subjects to bring them in as "guests". Zizza explains to the Autobots about her plans of using her toxins around the Earth and how she will be a "queen" as a result of this. When Windblade threatened the Decepticon with arrest, Zizza retaliated by taking her two closest subjects hostage, threatening to kill the innocent humans if Windblade attacked. Strongarm tripped Windblade before she could call Zizza's bluff and the four Autobots were granted by Zizza to leave as she puts her plans into action.

The combined Autobot force eventually launched a second attack on Zizza's hive. While Grimlock distracted her drones, Slipstream and Jetstorm cut power to the base, killing the heat lamps. Realizing her control was eroding, Zizza transformed into her flying insect mode and tried to flee, only to be intercepted by Strongarm. With the aid of Sideswipe and Windblade, Strongarm managed to throw the Decepticon into a truck of refrigerated fire-retardant foam, incapacitating the temperature-sensitive Decepticon and allowing Strongarm to cuff her quarry.