Zhejiang Province is a region in China.

Titan Prime comic

"The Mind Trap!"

After developing the neuron refractorKnock Out took it and some Vehicons to lay a trap for Optimus Prime. They set up in a scrap metal facility and captured Lin-Che, a worker there, to use as a subject. The trap went off without a hitch, transferring Optimus's mind into the human so his body could be scrapped, however Knock Out failed to anticipate Optimus and the human working together to undo the transfer. 

"The Novo Incident"

The events did not go unnoticed by MECH, who sent Agent Novo to investigate. He hid inside the refractor as Bulkhead and Bumblebee took it back to their base. After taking Miko hostage, Novo forced the Autobots to GroundBridge him back to the scrap metal facility where the pair were picked up by MECH.

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