The Zel Quartz is an energy stone in the Generation One continuity family.
Zell Quartz

Let me guess: Now you'll be the new leader of the Decepticons?

The Zel Quartz is a powerful stone formed on Zel Samine. Because of its unique properties, it can be used to draw energy directly from the planet, and the Paradius United Government made it the core of ELTA, the planet's generating system supplying a large portion of the planet's overall power.

The Zel Quartz's unique connection to the planet is delicate. If removed from the planet's sustaining atmosphere, the stone will break down and become useless.


Transformers (Atlus)

Megatron and Galvatron took over ELTA and used the Zel Quartz to draw all the energy on the planet into the facility simultaneously. The resulting overload threatened to destroy the entire planet, but the energy flow was brought under control by the descent of an actor hanging from a rope.

Convinced the Zel Quartz presented an unacceptable threat, Optimus Prime received the Paradius System Government's permission to destroy it, so long as Wheeljack would help them exchange ELTA's core for a safer method of power generation.

However, Starscream stole the Zel Quartz and flew off, proclaiming he would install it in himself and become powerful enough to destroy them all! Starscream did not realize that taking the unprotected Zel Quartz into space would destroy its special properties. Transformers

That Starscream, can't he ever win?


  • No, that Starscream can never win.
  • The Zel Quartz appears to be modeled on a similar energy stone in the Sunbow cartoon episode "Fire in the Sky", which directly tapped the heat of the Earth's core.
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