Zeke Heilmann is a human and all-round bad egg from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Zeke heilmann to a power unknown

..and part of the Rebel Alliance! Take her away!

Zeke Heilmann is a research assistant, a spy, a traitor...


Marvel Comics

Zeke Heilmann infiltrated a secret research facility in the United Kingdom where he intended to steal the core of PARD. After working with Professor Purnel for five years, he took the opportunity to steal the blueprints when they were left unattended by the European Security Advisor but unfortunately for Heilmann, Purnel had suspected him all along and the blueprints were faked as part of a sting operation. Panicking, Heilmann hit Purnel over the head with a stool, set fire to the control room and fled with the heart of PARD into a Porsche parked outside. Upon driving away, the "Mole" called his "Head Gardener" from the Porsche's CB radio and was impressed when they - apparently - sent an F-15 Eagle to collect him. Things started to go wrong for Zeke when he discovered that not only did the plane have no pilot, but that the Porsche had transformed into a robot, intent on shooting him down. Seconds later, the F-15 also transformed into a robot, ejecting him from its cockpit in mid-air and leaving him in the path of a heat-seeking missile. One explosion later, it was all over for Zeke Heilmann. To a Power Unknown!


  • It's unclear who Heilmann was supposed to be spying for. He's not surprised by an F-15 showing up to collect him which would imply that he's working for the Americans, although it's also possible that he might not be too hot on aircraft recognition. His name appears to be a terrible pun that suggests he may be working for the Germans.
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