Zebop Skandana is an alien character in the Generation One continuity family.

Blue Elf shot the Food.

Along with Allegra and Basso Profundo, Zebop Skandana holds one third of the weaponized harmony used to defend their planet, Eurhythma, a world whose culture is based entirely on music. He seems to have forged a deep emotional connection with Allegra, but does not share her enmity for Basso Profundo. Unlike his compatriots who are named for actual musical terms, his name is more of an example of the idea of scat. No, not that kind of scat—the jazz kind.


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Paul Eiding (English), Ken Yamaguchi (Japanese)

In 2006, he joined with his fellow Eurythmans to use their combined harmonic weapon to destroy a comet threatening their world, inadvertently shooting down a number of Autobots and Decepticons. After doing so, he attempted to dissuade Allegra from leaving for her retreat, but failed.

After Galvatron and Soundwave collapsed a bridge on Ultra Magnus, Blaster and Broadside, Zebop joined with a number of other citizens to revive them. He then led them to Allegra's retreat, where they found that Galvatron had beaten them there and swayed Allegra to their side. When Soundwave used Allegra's third of the harmony against them, Zebop countered with his own third, which Soundwave then recorded and combined with Allegra's, plunging Zebop and the Autobots into a chasm. As the Autobots pulled themselves up, Galvatron turned on Allegra, prompting Zebop to run onto the battlefield to save her. While he was successful, he was accidentally crushed by Blaster and Soundwave in the process, but was harmonically revived by a tearful Allegra soon after.

Returning to the capital city, the Autobots discovered the fallen forms of Perceptor and the Protectobots, who Zebop, Allegra, and Basso healed. The three returned to Earth with the Autobots, where Galvatron and Soundwave were overwhelming Metroplex with the stolen harmony. The trio of aliens countered it with anti-sound, giving Blaster enough time to erase the harmony from Soundwave's tapes. With the battle concluded, Zebop returned to his world with the others, vowing to live in harmony. Carnage in C-Minor

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