Go-toy Zan

Zan (ザン) assists the Autobot Swordbot Kenzan in his quest to vanquish the Predacons threatening Japan.



  • Zan (Promotional Arms Micron, 2013-06-22)
A redeco of L.P., Zan transforms from a humanoid robot to a sword. He has numerous 5mm posts and holes that allow him to combine with other Arms Microns to form any number of "Combo Weapons" and "Super Combo Weapons", though he is specifically meant to combine with Gan and Jin to form the Sanjōhaōken sword. Zan comes out of the package as a bunch of unpainted parts on runners, like a model kit. Unlike the Arms Microns from the Japanese Prime toyline, he has a tampographed Autobot symbol on his Energon crystal, rather than a sticker beneath it.
Zan was only available with the purchase of Kenzan on June 22nd at roughly a million different stores, including ToysЯUs, AEON, Yodabashi Camera,, and more.


  • Promotional photography of Zan shows his Energon Crystal as being oriented with the top of the Autobot symbol towards the tip of the sword. However, his instructions show the Crystal oriented the opposite way, so the symbol is upright in robot mode.
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