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Zamu (ザム) is Breakdown's Arms Micron partner. Not the excitable sort, there's not a lot else to say about him, other than he hangs out with Gra pretty much all the time.


Transformers: Prime

NOTE: Zamu only appears as an actual character in the Arms Micron Theater segments of the Japanese broadcast of Prime. Technically, he appears in the main cartoon any time Breakdown uses his hammer, but we're not going to bother with that and just focus on his individual exploits.

"Acceleration Transformation! Speed Match!"

Zamu and Gra popped into the Arms Micron studio for a friendly chat with their Autobot counterparts about a recent battle, but as O.P. started giving them advice for future battles, he grew increasingly ruthless and turned black as if tainted by Dark Energon. Arc wondered aloud what was in O.P.'s drink.

"Phantom Transformation! Mind-Diving"

Later, he, Gra, and Noji got to be berated by Gul. Until a mysterious voice boomed through the studio, scaring them all...

"Counterattack Transformation! The Resurrection of Megatron!"

The voice belonged to Gora, who quickly asserted leadership of the Decepticon Microns. Gul wasn't terribly happy with this, so Gora commanded the others to form the Energon Sniper Combo Weapon, which was promptly used to kerblast Gul into submission.

"Strategy Transformation! Unravel the Sinister Thread!"

Zamu later helped Gora form some Combo Weapons in a vain (and unsuccessful) attempt at impressing Arc.

"Duel Transformation! Quell Cliffjumper's Regrets"

He and other Decepticons spied on the Autobot Microns during the 20th episode celebration party.

"Turbulent Transformation! Insect Battle"

When Breakdown died, Zamu announced that he would be leaving the other Microns, causing such gloom and sadness that Gra transformed into a new Shining form to brighten things and cheer him up. Unfortunately, Zamu then ruined the drama by saying he'd be back after dinner.

"Clashing Transformation! The Dark Commander Appears"

He was among those who combined with Hades until informed that they weren't making their combination any more powerful since Hades was at peak strength to begin with, at which point he disconnected and left.

"Combustible Transformation! Struggle over the Omega Key"

Using his hammer mode, Zamu played the role of an usu mortar during the Arms Microns' retelling of The Crab and the Monkey.

"Sky Dance Transformation! The Suicidal Skydive"

He came in 9th place in an Arms Micron popularity poll,

"Ultimate Transformation! Fight! Transformers"

and joined the other Decepticon Microns in tricking Gul into thinking Zori was their new leader. Blackest Transformation! The Shadow of Treachery To celebrate the end of Arms Micron Theater, Zamu and all the other Microns got together to say goodbye to their audience.



  • War Breakdown (Voyager, 2012-06-30)
    • Set ID number: AM-12
    • Micron ID number: M-12
    • Energon Crystal: AP Natural
Prime-toy Zamu
Available only with his larger partner Breakdown in Japan, Zamu comes as an unassembled, unpainted "kit". He transforms from a rhinoceros-like robot into Breakdown's massive hammer weapon. He is covered in 5mm posts and holes as part of the Arms Micron gimmick, allowing him to combine with other Microns to form bigger and more ridiculous "Combo Weapons" and "Super Combo Weapons".
  • Hellflame Zamu (Promotional Micron, 2012-07-28)
    • Energon Crystal: AP Gōsei
Prime-toy ZamuHellflame
A clear-red version of Zamu was given away as a campaign bonus with the purchase of 3000 yen's worth of Transformers at Japanese ToysЯUs stores on July 28 of 2012. This version is almost completely devoid of stickers, having only the small faction symbol sticker that goes under his Energon Crystal.


  • The genesis of Zamu's name is currently unclear. One possibility is that it's an intended throwback to Generation 1 Ramhorn, called Amhorn (アムホーン Amuhōn) in Japan, with the "za-" based on サイ (sai), Japanese for rhinoceros. It's not watertight, but you can't have everything.

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