You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform is the fifth clip show of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on March 7, 1989 on Nippon TV.



With the Masterforce war over, it's time for a look back...


An inquisitive Shūta looks over a video record of the Masterforce war, and turns to Grand for answers to some questions he has. Shūta first asks about the war on Cybertron, and he and Grand watch footage of Fortress and his crew departing for planet Master, where the Headmaster Juniors Transtectors would ultimately be built. Grand explains that he is Fortress's younger brother, and was part of the crew. He became a Headmaster on Master, and then went on to join up with Metalhawk and wind up on Earth, where he became a Pretender and helped support civilization on the planet.

The pair next turn to the origin of Godmasters, and Grand says that Devil Z stole them from an area of space known as G Nebula 89. In order to charge them with the energy of Earth, he scattered them over the planet. Grand takes a moment to single out the one great mistake Devil Z made in his plan – he didn't realize that over half the Godmaster Transtectors that he stole were intended for Autobot use.

Next, Grand shows Shūta footage of Fortress Maximus's final battle with Scorponok at the North Pole, which ends with the destruction of the villain's Transtector. Grand details how, following this clash, Scorponok had a new Transtector built for himself and became BlackZarak, but before he was able to connect himself to it, he was captured and brainwashed by Devil Z.

This mention of Devil Z prompts Shūta to ask: what exactly was he, anyway? Grand explains that Devil Z was a "super-energy lifeform" from "the far reaches of the universe." As the pair review Devil Z's fusion with BlackZarak and his plan to exterminate humankind, the conversation turns to just how generally great humans are. Grand views them as the noblest beings in the universe, but Shūta thinks that super-robot lifeforms are cooler. Grand says that if the two races can trust in one another, and work together, then they are as one, and can achieve any dream—a unity exemplified in Godbomber, who, Grand explains, was given the same powers as Master-Braces, allowing him to link with human beings and respond to their thoughts and wishes.

This leads Grand to ask Shūta what his personal dreams are, and Shūta says he wants to become as strong as Ginrai (by playing soccer), and study under Metalhawk so he can follow in his father's footsteps. Grand remarks that Metalhawk is a good guy, and says that the Autobots probably wouldn't have been able to protect the Earth without him. Then, Shūta returns the question, asking Grand what his dream is, and Grand replies that he wants to become a great warrior, like Optimus Prime. This reminds Shūta of a question that has been bugging him – why does Ginrai look so much like Optimus Prime? Grand explains that this is because the Transtector which Ginrai bonded to was originally intended for Prime, but since a human bonded to it, it became a much more powerful being.

Finally, Shūta questions whether or not he's going to be introduced to the new Autobot leader, and Grand fulfils his wishes by showing him some footage of the newest Supreme Commander, Star Saber, battling the Dinoforce and Deathsaurus on the moon. The two viewers vow to do their best, until there is peace in the universe.


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  • "You too use the Masterforce to transform" has been the show's "catchphrase" of sorts, having been shouted by Shūta at the audience at the close of every "next episode" preview.
  • This episode is the fifth of five Super-God Masterforce clip episodes produced for direct-to-video release, but this one actually wound up airing on television as the forty-third and final broadcast episode of the series. It serves as an overview of the series, covering characters, concepts and adventures through clips from the opening sequence of The Headmasters, "The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)", "Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt", "Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet", "Birth! Headmaster Jrs", "A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots are in Trouble", "The Autobot Warrior, Sixknight?!", "Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away in the Desert!?", "God Ginrai - Showdown on the Surface of the Moon", "Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes", "BlackZarak - Destroyer from Space", "Crisis! The Day of the Downfall of Humanity", "God Ginrai: Showdown at the Decepticon Base" and "Battle to the Death!! God Ginrai VS Darkwings Reborn". There is an entirely new narration running through the episode, and in some cases, character dialogue is re-written for certain clips to change the subject that is being discussed, to help the clip fit better into the framework of the episode.
  • As the final installment of the series, this episode features a unique commercial bumper in place of a regular one at its conclusion, starring the show's "mascots," Cab's pet parrot and armadillo. The parrot rides around on the rolled-up armadillo and then promptly falls off as the armadillo uncurls, with "The End" overlaid on top of the whole scene.
  • The video release of the episode features an additional seven-minute featurette, included after the closing credits, titled "Shūta and Grand's Masterforce Super-Secrets." Collectively, the episode and this featurette are known as "The Big Book of Masterforce".
  • The aim of this featurette is to explain some story points which were not fully fleshed out in the course of the series itself. In some cases, they are story points that head writer Masumi Kaneda had in mind from the start but was not able to communicate in the series, while in others... well, there's the sense that they're kinda pulled outta his butt for this thing.
  • Case in point – the origin for Godmasters given in this featurette totally contradicts the one given in "A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva", which claims that Godmasters were all formerly one god-like Decepticon entity which split into separate pieces. Generally speaking, this new origin makes more sense, and explains the powers of Godmasters and Ginrai's resemblance to Optimus Prime in the process. At the same time, though, the old origin is occasionally referenced in Japanese media, most recently in one of the timelines published alongside Kiss Players media (even though a different timeline from the same line included this origin instead), but the two are mutually exclusive, and this one is generally held to be the "canon" one. The other one was told by Giga, after all, and it's not likely that Devil Z was going to tell him the truth about where the Godmasters came from.
  • Unfortunately, even as the featurette reveals the connection between Ginrai and Prime, it complicates it greatly. Firstly, it's immediately unclear exactly how the Transtector was to be used by Prime. Was it to be a new body that he would transfer himself into? Or was it only developed after his most recent death, to be used as a means of restoring him to life? The waters are further muddied when Shūta says that "a hero from planet Master" was supposed to combine with the trailer, creating "Super Optimus Prime". How do we reconcile this with the claim that the Transtector was for Prime? Was the trailer not for him, and intended for use only by this hero from Master? Or was this hero going to become a new Prime to replace the deceased one? Precisely what all of this meant, we may never know, but what we do know is that years later, the Kiss Players radio drama at least confirmed that the Transtector was part of an effort to resurrect Prime.
  • The other significant revelation from this featurette is that BlackZarak is, in fact, a new incarnation of Scorponok. However, while this was never explained in the show itself, it had already been made clear in the manga, and in BlackZarak's own on-package bio. Consequently, since it's not something that was previously unknown, Shūta does not have to ask if he became BlackZarak, but just states in passing that he does.
  • Although the narration is newly-recorded, visually, the featurette is entirely comprised of clips taken from "The Mystery of Planet Master", "The Final Showdown on Earth, Part 2", "Rise Up!! Pretenders", "Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt", "A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva", "Friend or Foe!? The True Form of the Monster!!", "Lightfoot: A Dramatic Encounter", "Life? Death? Lightfoot Must Choose", "Destroy Godbomber!!", "The Ultimate Combination!! BlackZarak, the New Lifeform" and "The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber".
  • That collection of clips you've watched on YouTube that has this featurette in it? It's not the whole thing. Just thought you should know that.












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