Yoketron was an old Cyber-Ninja master well learned in the arts of Circuit-Su and Metallikato. Some of his students included, Prowl, Jazz and Lockdown, Warpath is possibly hinted to being a student as well. He is the first transformer to permanently "go offline" in the Animated Continuity.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: George Takei (English), Kinryu Arimoto (Japanese)
Yoketron five servo

The Cyber-Ninjas mission was to protect a room full of protoforms. The protoforms were not only the future of Cybertron, but also a last ditch effort to stop the Decepticons, if Project Omega had failed. Yoketron was in charge of this task as he trained new ninja recruits. He took a chance on Prowl, who at the time, was a reckless, self-reliant bot who didn't want to fight in the Autobot-Decepticon war. He made a deal with Prowl that if he could leave Yoketron's home before he could stop him then he was free to go. Prowl was bested by Yoketron and decided to train with him.

2 dead yoketrons

Seriously, the flashback cloud just ruins the quality.

Prowl progressed quickly under Yoketron's tutelage, but never finished his training. When Prowl could not do the processor-over-matter technique, Yoketron, sent Prowl on an optics quest (a vision quest) to find himself. When Prowl returns, he finds Yoketron's home in shambles, all but one of the protoforms stolen and Yoketron mortally wounded. Despite, Prowl putting his master's spark in the remaining protoform, Yoketron went offline telling Prowl that he "...must not sacrifice a piece of the future to bring back the past" and the he would understand when his time comes.

1,000,000 stellar cycles later, Prowl discovers that the bounty hunter, Lockdown, a disgraced student of Yoketron, was responsible for all of what happened that day. Five Servos of Doom


  • He had the single greatest built-in weapon of all time — a long-handled vacuum cleaner.
  • Yoketron, along with his students Jazz, Prowl and Lockdown have eyes with no pupils. Ninja don't need pupils.
  • Seriously, He dies twice. In like 30 seconds
  • He seems to have a combined color schemes of two of his students, Jazz and Prowl.
  • Despite the claim that Prowl's armor is originated from Yoketron, from who it was taken by Lockdown, the only piece of that armor that actually matches Yoketron's is the helmet.
  • According to the Allspark Almanac 2, many of Yoketron pupils were Autobot leaders in the G1 Japanese continuity (Star Saber, Dai Atlas,and Sky Garry).
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