Continuing the proud Japanese traditions of 1) doing things that make you feel all crawly and 2) being about 15 years behind the fashion curve.

Yūki Ōshima (大嶋優木 Ōshima Yūki) is a Japanese freelance toy designer and occasional manga artist and writer. He's designed various figurines for Takara's Transformers lines and wrote two different manga series for the franchise.

Officially, his art style is classified as "moé", although many western Transformers fans believe it to actually be Lolicon. Even when the girl in question is supposed to be a full-grown adult. The suggestively shaped tongue doesn't help.

Yūki states that he made all those creepy girls because he always wanted to do something that made jaws drop. Well, he did it, didn't he?



Toy Designer

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