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The Xbox 360 robot is a Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.

Xbox Bot after being brought to life.

Xbox 360 Robot is a bot that was brought to life by the All-Spark while inside its box.

Transformers 2007 film

As a human was walking down the streets of Mission City, carrying his brand new Xbox 360, a sudden surge from the All Spark granted it life. The new robot's arms and legs burst free of the packaging, and the shocked human threw it away before it could fully escape.

After the battle, Lennox's soldiers most likely located and destroyed the Xbox 360 bot. It never shows this happen though, which means the Xbox bot could still be alive.


  • When the robot comes alive, it makes the 360's signature turning-on "shwooom!" noise.
  • In an easter egg on the 2-disc edition of the DVD, a deleted scene would have had the Xbox 360 robot ripping off a woman's dress in the street. Unfortunately, animation of the Xbox 360 robot was never made for the scene, so his only visual cue remains the arms popping out of the box.
  • The guy carrying the Xbox 360 is Bob Stephenson, a veteran character actor who normally plays security guards, small-town cops, and other everyday suburban schlub types.