The Xanthium is an Autobot spacecraft built and designed by the Wreckers. It brought in the second wave of Autobots to Earth, such as Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflap. It is also used for off-world missions.


Dark of the Moon comic adaptation

After a request by the U.S. government, the Autobots board and leave Earth in the Xanthium. While being watched by Soundwave and Dylan Gould, Starscream swoops down and destroys the ship. Later in Chicago, the Autobots return. Roadbuster reveals they hid in the first booster rocket to separate from the ship after launch.

Dark of the Moon film

Upon discovering the existence of the long lost Autobot ship, the Ark, Optimus and Ratchet fly to the Moon in it. They land next to the landing site of the Apollo 11, designated: Tranquillity base. They use rovers to cut their way into the Ark. Once inside, they open the crash vault and recover Sentinel Prime, who is in stasis-lock in the ships hold. They also recover five of the activation pillars for the Space bridge, including the Control Pillar.

After being exiled from Earth, the Autobots board the ship to leave. Just before it leaves the atmosphere, it is destroyed by Starscream. Unknown to the human collaborators and the Decepticons, the Autobots fake their own death by hiding in the first rocket booster pod to be jettisoned from the space craft. It fell safely back to Earth and landed in the Atlantic Ocean thanks to Leadfoot, and the Wreckers.

When they reach Chicago, Leadfoot claims, "Thing was a bucket of bolts anyway, never would've made it to orbit". Dark of the Moon



  • When not in use, it is maintained by the Wreckers, while the security is controlled by the NEST troops.
  • After it came to Earth, the Wreckers and N.E.S.T rigged it up to a decommissioned NASA space shuttle.
  • It appears to be unarmed.
  • It appears as though neither the external tank nor the solid rocket boosters are jettisoned after its flights as they can be seen still attached to the Xanthium when it lands on the Moon.
  • Much like the Ark, it appears to have no windows, with just open portals due to the Transformers' ability to survive in space unaided.
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