The X-Dimension Mini-Cons are a series of redecos of various Mini-Con Teams released by Takara. These redecos were more limited than the original color schemes, but were still standard retail-sale items (with one exception).

Of the eleven different Mini-Con Team mold-sets, all but one team -the Street Speed Mini-Con Team- got the X-Dimension treatment. Nine of those Teams were released close to the originals; the packaging was almost wholly unchanged; only the cardboard cardfront behind the plastic bubble reflected the change by adding "X-Dimension" to the text and giving the Team a new ID number. The final Team, the Street Action Mini-Con Team, was available only as part of the Toys "R" Us exclusive "Magna Convoy DX set" multi-pack.


  • According to the Micron Legend Year Book 2003 retrospective, the X-Dimension color schemes were planned to be used in an alternate-universe comic story that would follow the conflict from the viewpoint of the Mini-Cons. However, this series was never produced, and no reason is given as to why.
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