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This article is about the Autobot known as Wild Ride in Japan. For the Generation One Stunticon, see Wildrider.

The eldest of the three Autobot Brothers, X-Brawn is also the toughest and most adventurous. A rugged outdoorsman and cowboy type, he loves driving off-road... and uphill, and underwater, and on staircases. He's not easily impressed by fancy firepower, preferring straightforward guts. He's chivalrous enough to apologize to women drivers before he ejects them through his sunroof. X-Brawn is normally seen as calm figure, though he does inherit a temper now and again when it comes to his youngest brother's (Side Burn (RiD)) antics.

Other than that, he spent the rest of the series being a "Texas cowboy" stereotype. Not that he'd be the first. Or the last.

Japanese name: Wild Ride


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice Actor: Bob Joles (English), Masahiro Shibahara (Japanese)

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Robots in Disguise comic

DWSummerspecial RID Autobrothers Megs

The Car Brothers and Megatron are too busy trying to escape the art.

When Scourge and Sky-Byte led an attack on Arizona to drain the energy out of a vague and nondescript building in the middle of the desert, T-AI tried to call upon the Autobot brothers to help, but Prowl, Side Burn and X-Brawn were busy tangling with Megatron in Oregon. Ultra the Rescue?


Robots in Disguise

  • Wild Ride/X-Brawn (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
Japanese ID number: C-002
RID X-Brawn Toy

Sadly, his oh-so-famous driver is not included.

X-Brawn transforms into a Mercedes-Benz ML320 SUV. His right arm contains a spring-loaded missile launcher; the lower "running rails" detach and serve as ammunition, or can be held in his left hand. The chromed front brushguard also detaches to form a knuckle-blade weapon. In vehicle mode, X-Brawn features opening doors and a hood that reveals his engine block.
There are several small but significant differences between the original Takara release (Wild Ride) of the toy and Hasbro's later release. Hasbro's added the Autobot sigil to his vehicle-mode hood, rounded the "blade-missile" a bit more for safety reasons, and modified the lamps to make him less blatantly a Mercedes and avoid licensing fees.
This mold was used to make Universe Ratchet. It was briefly planned to be used by 3H as Trailbreaker, but that never materialized.
  • Super Wild Ride/X-Brawn (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
Japanese ID number: C-024
A "Super Mode" redeco, this version of X-Brawn features rally-deco paint that is vaguely remenicient of Generation One Wheeljack, though it's more than likely a coincidence. The Hasbro release uses the same modifications from the "normal" version, naturally. Ironically, the American release retains Super Wild Ride 's "Cybertron" and "WILD" labels on the hood and doors.
  • Wild Ride / Mach Alert / Speedbreaker (Multi-pack, 2000)
A Botcon Japan 2000 exclusive, this three-pack contains clear-plastic versions of all three Car Brothers that still use their Super Mode detail paint (but not the car-panel base-paint).
  • X-Brawn & Scourge (Basic, 2002)
A very simplified, Spy Changer-styled version of X-Brawn's larger toy, he was only available in a Basic-class package with a similarly-styled version of Scourge. This toy is noteworthy for being one of the very few totally new molds designed for Hasbro's Robots in Disguise line (most of the others that had not been released previously were designed for other earlier lines but cancelled).
This mold was used to make one version of Universe Hoist.

Special attacks

  • Bronco Blaster
  • Iron Knuckle

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