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The Wreckers find out that humans always get in the way.


Northern Oregon: A group of USAF pilots on a routine exercise are attacked by Cyclonus and Scourge, who are looking for some target practice. Although the two Decepticons down most of the fighters, Cyclonus is nearly tricked into flying into a mountain and the pair are forced to flee from a counter-attack. Scourge notes it bodes ill for their forthcoming meeting with their old commander, Galvatron.

The city-state of Kalis, Cybertron: Twin Twist is drilling the Wreckers for their forthcoming mission against Galvatron whilst Emirate Xaaron and Springer look on in concern as they will be undertaking the mission without Ultra Magnus. Deadly Games!

Earth, the Decepticon fortress base: Shockwave reflects on his recent meeting with Cyclonus and Scourge. The pair aim to defeat Galvatron and reclaim the trigger device which could return them to their own time but have asked Shockwave for sanctuary if they fail. In return, they will serve him.

Cyclonus and Scourge arrive in the middle of a human settlement, where they had arranged to meet Galvatron. Their former commander had intended to invite them to serve them and is amused to learn of their plans. Even though he no longer has the trigger device, he doesn't inform them of that fact but all their plans are interrupted by the arrival of the Wreckers through the dimensional portal. Springer is horrified to realize they have arrived in an area full of humans, fearing their mission is doomed.

Reluctantly, the Wreckers engage all three Decepticons, while Sandstorm attempts to usher the humans to safety. Broadside and Rack'N'Ruin engage Galvatron, who mentions the fact Cyclonus and Scourge were after a trigger device that no longer exists. Springer overhears the comment and, after overpowering Cyclonus and lifting a human straggler to safety, he knocks Galvatron to the ground and runs off, shouting that he has the time jump trigger. As he hoped, Scourge (who has been battling the Jumpstarters) and Cyclonus both chase after him, away from the humans. Galvatron instantly realizes what Springer is doing and tells the other Wreckers they have a choice of trying to capture him or saving their leader, who won't last long on his own against Cyclonus and Scourge.

Cyclonus and Scourge quickly take down Springer and realize he doesn't have the trigger device, at which point the other Wreckers arrive and force them to flee. Broadside notes that in the confusion Galvatron has disappeared, presumably transformed to his minuscule pistol form. Springer is forced to concede defeat, vowing to return to Cybertron and plan anew.


Writer(s): Simon Furman
Art: Bryan Hitch
Colours: Euan Peters
Letters: Steve Parkhouse and Annie Halfacree
  • Originally published: July 2–9, 1988

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans
  • Various Air Force pilots (1)
  • Various city residents (14)



  • Cyclonus and Scourge were last seen under Scorponok's command in the Headmasters limited series. They're never seen with his troops again, not even in the US issues, and here they seek sanctuary from Shockwave instead of their own forces. One possible explanation is that they deserted on arrival on Earth but the issue is never directly addressed.
  • On page 7 of part 1, One of Xaaron's speech bubbles is attributed to Springer.

Items of note

  • Galvatron's trigger jump device was dismantled by Wreck-Gar in "Fire on High!".
  • Neither Galvatron nor the Wreckers seem to be familiar with the concept of Targetmasters.
  • The Wreckers would keep their promise to return for Galvatron in "Time Wars" (and sort of succeed, albeit with a lot of help).
  • By an unspecified method of coercion, Galvatron persuades an anonymous human to carry him to his rendezvous in gun mode. This is the second of only two occasions when he is shown in this mode (the other being "Target: 2006" part 1).


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  • This story was reprinted in Collected Comics #16, along with "Dry Run", as an emergency replacement when the pages for continuing the reprint of "Target: 2006" were lost in the post. Given that the cover reuses that of issue #84, depicting Galvatron and Unicron (who isn't seen in either story), it seems likely it was unchanged.
    • The reprint was modified to remove a footnote explaining the absence of Ultra Magnus. It originally linked to the previous "Deadly Games!".
  • The story was reprinted again in the Titan Books trade paperback, Space Pirates. The above footnote was present, suggesting the original printing was used.
  • It was reprinted once again as the final part of IDW Publishing's Best of UK: Space Pirates.
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