While the Dinobots regroup, Cybertron prepares to repel a Quintesson invasion.

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Wreckers: Finale Part I

(Previously Universe: Featuring the Wreckers #4.)

Script: Rob Gerbracht
Pencils: Guido Guidi
Inks: Jake Isenberg
Lettering: Junemoon Studio
Colors: Drew Eiden and Hans Kappers
Editor: Pete Sinclair
Special Thanks: Greg Sepelak and RL[1]

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On Cybertron, Rook reports on a swarm of craft landing on Cybertron. Snarl and Longhorn charge past, reacting to the landing. Skydive reports: it's the Quintessons, invading with thousands of Sharkticons. Snarl orders Longhorn to activate "the reserves".

Meanwhile, at CSSB-16 Spaceport, Devcon and the Dinobots board their shuttle, a battered ship that has just had some critical components replaced by Reptron, a youthful stowaway. As the Transformers leave the hangar, a nearby alien is hopping mad as he finds his own ship is missing some critical components.

Note: The story from this point remain unpublished. See Publication History below for details.

In space, T-Wrecks and Devcon compare notes on what's happened since they left Cybertron, all the while silencing excited peeps from Reptron. T-Wrecks tells of their battle with the Dweller -- Airraptor and Rapticon both went down fighting, while Striker simply vaporized into thin air. Magmatron, split into his three beast modes, held the creature off long enough for the others to reach the ship, but when they came around for him, nothing remained but his sword.

T-Wrecks recognizes the beast from the history tracks as a Quintesson creation; they realize that they're being manipulated somehow, and decide to head back to Cybertron.

Apelinq, meanwhile, has figured out where the circuit patterns on the Quintesson weapons came from -- Cryotek. He explains to Prime that they crossed paths sometimes in his research days, and that Cryotek came to be known for his illicit methods as well as major thefts, before disappearing a few years prior.

Apelinq continues investigating the weapon, and finds a Maximal-encrypted code embedded in its firing mechanism, bearing a message: "Cryotek alliance. Quintessons to take Cybertron." Shocked, the Wreckers steer for Cybertron.

On Cybertron, the head Quintesson Derodomontatus surveys the invasion, and exits his ship to the surface, pleased with the progress. With Cyclonus alongside him, Cryotek fits the Divine Light within himself, and joins the Quints on the surface.

Snarl, meanwhile, is forming up the reserves -- a mish-mash, motley assortment of all manner of Cybertronians, beings for whom peace is fleeting and war is never far away. Longhorn forms up the Third Battalion -- a mass of hundreds of Battle Unicorns.

The Wreckers debate the veracity of the hidden warning, the plots of Cryotek and the Quints, the trustworthiness of the Vok... until Ramulus finally has had enough, and tells them to shut up and get ready to smash stuff.

As Snarl and Longhorn lead their troops through the fray, the Dinobots arrive, crashing their ship into the Sharkticon ranks. The Dinobots provide a welcome boost the Maximals. Snarl notes that the Quintessons seem particularly interested in controlling access to the planet's interior.

The Wreckers arrive, calling in to Snarl and asking for a direct mark to the Quints' main position, as that's where Cryotek will be. Devcon transforms and flies up to lead the ship in. Primal Prime orders Apelinq, Ramulus and Tigatron to join him, while Rodimus takes the ship back to Snarl's position. Prime's crew leaps out; Al-Badur demands to accompany them, and Ramulus drags him out by the tentacles.

The Quintessons have secured Cryotek's access to the planet's core, and Cryotek is becoming quite excited at the prospect of his ascension; even Cyclonus seems a bit unnerved. As he rants... Ramulus drops in to kick him in the face and tell him to shut up. The others skirmish with Cyclonus. Cryotek blasts both Apelinq and Prime, melting/fusing them together with his new powers. Al-Badur screams that unleashing Primus's power so blatantly will draw Unicron like a beacon, but Cryotek is unphased by such "legends". He's mutating, growing larger and more powerful by the moment; the others back away, until a new champion arises to face him. Apelinq and Primal Prime have been merged and reborn... as Sentinel Maximus!

Publication history

The Wreckers #4 has one of the most convoluted histories of any Transformers book. The ongoing Wreckers storyline would have had five issues total, and the finished storyline would have merged with the other Universe comic. But 3H lost its license from Hasbro after #3 was completed. The story was thus left hanging, unfinished.

Years after Wreckers #4 failed to be published, in August 2007, Fun Publications released the first four pages, the only ones completed, in their bimonthly magazine.

Around the same time, the complete script for all of #4 appeared on a Transformers message board, carrying the story further forward. It is not known if it was ever officially approved by Hasbro. Issue #5 never made it past the stage of rough notes.

In December 2007, Fun Publications released to the Fan Club a new illustrated text story ("Finale Part II") which wrapped up the entire storyline. The story does account for the events of the Wreckers #4 script; thus they are recounted here as necessary background for that story, which is Hasbro-approved.

Wreckers #4 would also have contained Primeval Dawn Part 4, the last part of that story. Presumably the story would have contained the fate of Airazor (the creative team has elsewhere stated that she mysteriously vanishes during the story), the defeat of Tarantulas and the Maximals being joined by Fractyl, Packrat, Spittor and Sonar and returning to Cybertron. Primeval Dawn remains unfinished, and Fun Publications apparently has no plans to complete it.


  1. We have no idea who "RL" is.

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