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Wreckage is an Autobot-allied Mini-Con in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Dogs don't know it's not Beacon.

Wreckage is a powerful Mini-Con who combines with his teammates to form an even more powerful weapon: the legendary Energon Saber. He and his teammates spent years embedded in energon deposits which apparently gifted them with the ability to form a blade composed primarily of the powerful element. Like his teammates, he considers being an individual important but has a high regard for teamwork as well. Some believe this team may hold the key to the ultimate defeat of Unicron.

Japanese name: Laser


Cartoon continuity

Dreamwave Comics continuity

Wreckage and the other Energon Saber Mini-Cons waited with Kicker Jones in the lower levels of Ocean City for the arrival of Sharkticon, who was making a rather sad attempt to silently infiltrate the city. The three Mini-Cons formed the Energon Saber, and in Kicker's hands, sent Sharkticon back into the briny deep. Perspective



  • Energon Saber (Energon class, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-08
Available only in a three-pack with Scattor and Skyboom, Wreckage is a retooling of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team member Runway, transforming into a Cybertronic starship. He also forms the blade-tip to the combined Energon Saber mode.
This mold was also used to make Beacon and the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team member Sunstorm. The original version of this mold was used to make Armada Jack.


  • Energon Saber (Basic, 2005)
The Energon Saber team was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!.

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