Jetfire attempts to destroy the space bridge nexus on Cybertron, while Optimus Prime frantically tries to find a way to stop Unicron.


At Silver Ridge, the Mini-Cons have found Over-Run's pod. Over-Run says that it requires the optimum combination of Mini-Con energy to power it and retrieve Optimus Prime: himself, Sparkplug, and one other. Comettor, eager to explore a new reality, volunteers, and they start waiting for the spatial coordinates from Autobase. On the alternate Cybertron, Spinister decides that the chaos of the end is as it should be, and willingly lets himself get sucked into Unicron. As Optimus Prime begins to lose hope, a bubble of energy surrounds him, and Unicron speaks to him through a spectral image of the late Spinister. He knows that Optimus Prime is from another reality. He says that this reality, too, had an Optimus Prime, and that he took him to the brink of death and sent him on as a calling card to the next world. "This reality will be consumed," Unicron says. "Then another, and another. Already, the gateway is opening!"

Down in the Decepticon base, Jetfire's team has found the space bridge nexus, and he orders it shut down. Through the space bridge portals, he sees glimpses of other realities, including what he thinks is his own era's Optimus Prime. Blurr tells him that the controls are locked out, and it will take a long time to bypass them. Jetfire says to simply blow it up. On Earth, Unicron's heralds have thoroughly trashed Thrust, and learned nothing. Suddenly, Thunderwing detects that the nexus on Cybertron has been compromised, and they prepare to return and defend it.

Megatron, meanwhile, is gloating over the remaining pieces of Galvatron, who has been completely torn apart by the power of the Star Saber. Realizing that they can't let Megatron hang onto it, the Land Military Mini-Con Team fires on him, allowing the Air Defense Mini-Con Team to separate and fly off.

In the Autobase, Payload and Astroscope finally lock onto Optimus Prime, and send the coordinates to Over-Run, who immediately takes off in the pod. Up in the Decepticon base, Jetfire and his team are interrupted by the return of Bludgeon. As they start to fight him off, the other three heralds step through a portal behind them, and to top it all off, the timer on the self-destruct sequence is locked out. Jetfire says that he will stay behind and detonate it manually, and orders everyone out. As they leave, he catches another glimpse of Optimus Prime through a portal. Taking his chances, he arms the explosives and dives through, just as the entire base goes up in flames.

Jetfire hears his name being called, and looks up to see Optimus Prime, clinging for dear life to a piece of wreckage. He explains that it is the end of the world, and wishes he could do something. Suddenly Over-Run, Sparkplug, and Comettor appear. Over-Run gives him the device he's been carrying with him, explaining that it is the Matrix of his universe: the combined essence of all the Mini-Cons. Its energy gives all five mechs a power surge, altering their forms. Optimus Prime and Jetfire combine into their super mode and blast Unicron. While the chaos bringer is hurt, he is not slowed. Optimus Prime remarks that it is too late for this universe, but perhaps he can save his own, and Over-Run transports them all back to their own Cybertron. There they contact Autobase: Earth. Red Alert explains that the Decepticons have withdrawn, but they're all in bad shape, and Smokescreen may not survive. If the Decepticons renew their attack, they'll never make it. Optimus Prime says that he's going down to deal with Megatron himself. He has to make him understand that their only hope for defeating Unicron is to work together.

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  • Page 13: Missing punctuation after the word "go" in Jetfire's order.
  • Page 21: "Commetor" is misspelled, AND is speaking Over-Run's line.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Tigatron, Rattrap, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Tankor, Big Convoy — all viewed through portals
  • None of the G1 Decepticons are named, or have faction symbols, hence their placement in the 'other' category above.
  • Spinister has Japanese writing on his tail.
  • The Mini-Con Matrix energy changes Prime, Sparkplug, Jetfire and Comettor into their "Powerlinx" toys' colors (well, in Sparkplug's case, his "Corona" body). Also, Prime is seen to have a mouth under his mouthplate.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises the new Energon series and contains an article from the desk of Pat Lee.
  • On the DW Letters page, mail is answered by Matt Moylan.

Covers (1)

  • Optimus Prime on the disintegrating Cybertron, art by Don Figueroa.


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