As Megatron does battle with Galvatron, Jetfire's team infiltrates the Decepticon HQ on Cybertron to investigate a space bridge anomaly.


Payload and Sky Blast monitor Megatron and Galvatron as they do battle. Galvatron remarks that he has killed many Megatrons and when Megatron asks who he is, and he responds simply, "I am death!" before blasting off one of Megatron's horns. They continue to do battle, with Galvatron clearly winning. Sky Blast send out a Mini-Con mayday and continue watching the probe for Optimus Prime.

On Cybertron, Jetfire's team infiltrates the Decepticon base. They find it particularly strange that there are no security or guards. Their suspicions are furthered when they find that all the Decepticons inside have been slaughtered. They wonder who is responsible, unaware that Bludgeon is stalking them in the shadows.

The Mini-Cons at Silver Ridge, meanwhile, have found a nice safe corner to hide in, as Scourge, Thunderwing, and Dirge arrive to collect Over-Run's pod. They are distracted, however, by the image of Thrust on the security monitor. Thinking he may have some information, they head outside to interrogate him.

On the alternate Cybertron, Optimus Prime begs Spinister to tell him how to stop Unicron. Back down on Earth, Galvatron has Megatron at his mercy. He says that though he lasted longer than most, the outcome was never truly in doubt. Suddenly, the Air Defense Mini-Con Team arrives. They remark that desperate times call for desperate measures, and combine into the Star Saber.

Jetfire's team makes their way through the Decepticon base on Cybertron, when they are attacked by Bludgeon. They find themselves unable to fight back, as Bludgeon is too fast and hiding in the shadows. Jetfire commands everyone to back up against the wall and turn on their lights. As Bludgeon is silhouetted by the light, they unload all their weaponry into him. However, when they go to confirm that he is dead, they find only the shattered remains of his Pretender shell.

Down on Earth, Payload frantically asks if anyone is out there and what the situation is. The Land Military Mini-Con Team responds back, and when Payload asks if they have any good news, they say that "it depends on what you mean by good," as they watch Megatron driving the Star Saber into Galvatron's chest.

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  • Shaun Curtis's name is misspelled as "Shun Curtis."

Items of note

  • None of the G1 Decepticons are named, or have faction symbols, hence their placement in the 'other' category above.
  • Amongst the Decepticon corpses in the ravaged headquarters are the Go-Bots Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises Duel Masters and contains an article from the desk of Don Figueroa.
  • On the DW Letters page, mail is answered by Matt Moylan and includes fan art.

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