While the Autobots try to locate Optimus Prime, Megatron launches a surprise attack on the Autobase.


On Cybertron, Dirge, Thunderwing, Bludgeon, and Scourge secure the Decepticon base for themselves. Scourge notes that Megatron is not among the dead and remains unaccounted for. They prepare to leave for Earth, leaving Bludgeon to guard the portals.

On Earth, Hot Shot grills Over-Run about Optimus Prime's whereabouts. He says that he wants an answer that doesn't involve alternate realities, but Astroscope says there might not be any other answer: the space/time continuum is in turmoil. Something has happened, and most likely Prime was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, finding him will take a long time, as there are an infinite number of alternate realities. Over-Run says that if they do find him, his pod can be used to bring him back. Unfortunately, Red Alert arrives with some bad news: the pod has vanished.

In the Decepticon headquarters, Megatron is beside himself with rage. Starscream has brought back Over-Run's pod, but has no idea what it is, and Megatron doesn't buy that Starscream was one-shotted by an unseen foe trying to claim the Mini-Con. As he's venting, Leader-1 tells Megatron that he's detected a sub-space probe that the Autobots have sent out, and it's searching for Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime tries to get some sort of answer out of Spinister. He says that the Prince of Nothingness came, the heavens opened up, and their final judgment was pronounced. Optimus Prime refuses to accept that a single being could be capable of such destruction, and that even if that was the case, they must have been able to defend themselves. "They tried," Spinister says, "...and they all burned." Suddenly the ground begins to shake: Unicron has returned!

At Autobase: Cybertron, Blurr tells Jetfire that he's detected multiple space bridge portals opening around Cybertron. No traffic, just portal after portal, all centered on the Decepticon HQ. Jetfire, sensing trouble, orders an assault team. Down on Earth, Over-Run and several other Mini-Cons prepare to leave for Silver Ridge. The pod has a homing beacon in it, so they'll be able to find it. And once they do, all they'll need is the spatial coordinates for Optimus Prime and they can bring him back. But no sooner than they leave, an explosion rocks their base as the Decepticons attack! Red Alert goes to activate the defense systems, leaving Hot Shot to guard the probe interface. Smokescreen and Scavenger head out to meet the Decepticons head-on. They run into Demolishor and get run off the road. Smokescreen finds himself face-to-face with Megatron, and gets shot point-blank in the chest with his cannon. Red Alert tries to fight back as well, but gets mowed down by Starscream.

At Silver Ridge, the Mini-Cons have successfully entered the Decepticon base, but are baffled as to why the base would be completely deserted. In the Autobase, Hot Shot tells the Space Mini-Con Team to stay in the control room and seal the door after he leaves. He steps out into the hallway and gets blasted by Megatron, who wonders aloud what was so important that he would stay behind. Just as he's about to find out, though, he gets simultaneous transmissions from Demolishor, Cyclonus, and Starscream, as each of them is attacked by an unknown assailant. Megatron leaves to check it out, and finds himself staring into the face of Galvatron...

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  • None of the G1 Decepticons are named, or have faction symbols, hence their placement in the 'other' category above.
  • The Mini-Cons' shuttle has "2005" written on one of the engines — the year The Transformers: The Movie was set.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises The War Within: The Dark Ages and contains an article from the desk of Brian Augustyn.
  • On the DW Letters page, mail is answered by Matt Moylan and includes a piece of fan art.

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  • Megatron victorious over the Autobots, art by Guido Guidi.


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