Worlds Collide was the final story arc of Dreamwave's Armada comic before its switch to Energon. It introduces the threat of Unicron into the Armada story, as well as permitting writer Simon Furman to do what he does best... overindulge. Get ready for Marvel comic universe headliner namechecks!

The story ran in the following issues:

The following issue, #18, was titled "The End", and wrapped up the storyline as well as the Armada comic book.

"Worlds Collide" is a bit notorious in the fandom as a flagrant example of a Transformers storyline suffering from the need to sell toys. The previous issues had largely focused on the conflicts between the long-suffering Mini-Cons and the "Bulks" who sometimes oppressed them. "Worlds Collide" threw that storyline out the window, and brought in a completely different plot focus with no warning and no connections to what had come before—and that plot focus just happened to have a very expensive new toy hitting stores at the time.

"Worlds Collide" was also the name of the trade paperback which collected the arc, its two previous issues, as well as "The End".

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