Wolverine is a human (well, mutant) in the Generation One and Movie continuity families.


He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is make gratuitous guest appearances.

Wolverine, aka Logan, is a military veteran cowboy from Canada who's famous for acting as a superhero. He is not Peter Cullen. He is, however, Scott McNeil. And Neil Ross. Cathal J. Dodd. And Steve Blum.

His fleshy, hairy human exterior seems to hide some sort of metallic infrastructure, which is not unheard of by Transformers. A mutant (no, not that kind of Mutant - or that one either), he has hyperadvanced healing abilities and incredibly acute senses.

He's also a completely unlikable asshole. Naturally, this means he is nigh-indestructible and completely unstoppable and just rules over everything. Prowl is probably having flashbacks.


IDW comics continuity

The New Avengers/The Transformers

Wolverine was one of the Avengers sent to investigate the conflict between Latveria and Symkaria caused by the Decepticons. After entering a dome structure, the Avengers were attacked by the building's defenses and Spider-Man got kidnapped, which upset Wolverine. When the Autobots arrived, Wolverine was confused by a talkin' truck. The only recourse was to attack the talkin' truck. Man and Machine, Part One

Transformers (2007) film continuity

When Robert Epps thought triple claw marks left in a thick steel wall were the result of an attack by Freddy Krueger, Glen Whitmann pointed out that Freddy Krueger's got four claws. "That was Wolverine!" With a voice lacking any hint of humor, Agent Simmons replied that his comment was very funny. Transformers (film)



  • Wolverine (Crossovers, 2008)

Wolverine transforms from a rally truck to a robotic facsimile of a mutant with giant claws. Said claws can extend.

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