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This article is about the Predacon wolf from the Japanese Beast Wars reissue series. For the Maximal wolf, see Wolfang (BW).

Wolfang is a Predacon from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Wollen sie Party? Wollen sie Tanzen? Translation: Do they want party? Do they want a dancing?

Wolfang (ボルファング Borufangu, meant to be pronounced as a Germanic "Volfang"), the "High-Speed Warrior", defines "quick on his feet", being a combat expert who fights in breathlessly fast-paced battles aided by his quick cunning. Also to his side are his Crossbow Missiles, which act akin to boomerangs, and his Hyper Shield, which has the capability to block any attack.

Did we mention that he's fast?

Note: No, this is not the same character as the Hasbro Maximal Wolfang. That character was released in Japan in his Hasbro colors as a Cybertron (Maximal) under the name "Howlinger". This guy is a new—albeit ill-defined—character.


Beast Wars Telemocha Series

  • Wolfang (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-10
    • Accessories: Launcher, two "Crossbow Missiles", "Hyper Shield"
A ridiculously extensive redeco of the Maximal Wolfang toy for the Beast Wars Telemocha Series, Wolfang transforms into an organic wolf. In robot mode, his mutant head flips down to cover his normal head. His wolf mode's back becomes a shield, while the tail becomes a spring-loaded missile launcher in robot mode; two anchor-shaped missiles are stored in Wolfang's midsection.
He also comes with a DVD of the Beast Wars episode "Double Jeopardy" (the Japanese dub, of course).
This mold was retooled to make K-9 and Max-B.

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