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With the power of Super Energon, Megatron becomes invincible, and takes control of Cybertron.

Japanese title: Superion's Hope


Megatron declares his ownership of the Super Energon, and commands its three guardians to serve him. Two agree readily, but Superion Maximus replies that the Super Energon belongs to no one, and is for the good of all Transformers. Unimpressed, Megatron dives into the pool, with Superion observing that he'll never survive. But Megatron absorbs the power, and emerges transformed into Galvatron. Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus swear their fealty. Superion Maximus's shots simply bounce off harmlessly. Unable to defeat him, Superion Maximus splits into five jets and escapes. Galvatron sends the other two guardians after him; they likewise split into five vehicles and pursue.

Mirage finds the other Decepticons, now liberated. Not finding any Autobots around, they set out on an orgy of Destruction, blowing up lots of generics. Galvatron summons Starscream to the Super Energon pool; as he does, Six Shot overhears it and proposes that the Decepticons construct their own energon grid. Six Shot and Demolishor head for the base control room.

The Miranda II arrives over Cybertron. The Autobots get no answer from the surface, and prepare to make a forced landing at the space port.

Six Shot and Demolishor arrive at the control room and find it empty. Rad and the Jones family are watching from concealment, however; after Demolishor nearly discovers them, they flee.

Starscream heads into the depths of Cybertron with a group of Terrorcons, following Galvatron's directions.

The Miranda II descends. Standing on its hull, Prime regrets not destroying Megatron, but vows to retake control of Cybertron.

Within Cybertron's urban canyons, Superion Maximus still hasn't eluded his brothers. All three re-combine and face off.

As Galvatron observes, the Terrorcons are disintegrating from the power of the Super Energon. To test Starscream's loyalty, he has him enter the pool; he succeeds, surviving and taking on new colors. Six Shot reports in that the Autobot ship has arrived.

Omega, Prime and Ironhide land and start blasting Terrorcons left and right. The Maximus brothers arrive and confront the Autobots. As they face off, Superion Maximus speculates that he'll have a better chance with the Autobots as his allies; meanwhile, Six Shot observes that the objects of his vengeance have arrived.

The super-charged Megatron bursts from the ground, along with Starscream. Prime's shots just bounce off; Megatron and Starscream make short work of the Autobots and begin destroying energon towers. Six Shot lines up Prime in his sights, but a collapsing tower knocks him away from the controls.

Energon gas begins leaking from the towers. Realizing it will damage the Autobots, Kicker heads off on his own to find his family. Prime orders a retreat. Kicker runs into Starscream; Prime arrives to back him up, even as the gas overpowers him. Superion Maximus swoops in to save Kicker, while Prime collapses. Jetfire arrives to save Prime.

Alpha Q observes the energon gas being released all over Cybertron, and frets that Galvatron will wreak havoc again.

Rodimus asks Omega Supreme what the Super Energon was to be used for; Omega explains that it was to be used to forge a new era for all Transformers. Superion Maximus repairs Optimus, and asks to join the team.

Kicker berates himself for not making it into the building to find his family, and continues to worry over them. Ironhide says he's there to help, and they prepare to move out.


Original airdate: 15 October 2004 (Japan); 7 January 2005 (North America)

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others




"There's no reason to doubt me now. I am GALVATRON!"
"Oh, you must be. At last we've found you. We have waited so long for this moment!"

- Galvatron and Constructicon Maximus

"It turns out Galvatron's still alive!"

Demolishor apparently got Twitter'd, "Changed name. Galvatron now."

"Hint, well, hrm. Let's just say that it's something that will make us invincible. Energon can give us strength, but thanks to Unicron I've found a pool of Super Energon, and with it we'll be absolutely unbeatable!"

Galvatron... 'let's just say' does not work that way.

"Galvatron, how could he have survived? I destroyed him!"

Optimus Prime is also on Megatron's Twitter list.

"He looks different!"

Ironhide and Kicker: not on the list.


Lost in translation

Very little, and nothing major:

  • The dub plays down some brief hesitation by Bruticus and Construction Maximus, such as when he orders them to pursue Superion Maximus, and omits some slightly archaic phrasings from Galvatron, such as "remember, ancient warriors, how to fight" as he sees them off. Also missing is Constructicon Maximus's statement that Galvatron's words and actions are "those of a true Decepticon".
  • A little gag is omitted from the dub, where in Mirage ("Shockfleet" in Japan) emits his characteristic "shock" battle cry upon being told that Megatron lives. Snowcat asks what that means, and Mirage replies "Happy shock!", with a corresponding pose of joy and a little horn fanfare (which remain in the dub, seeming very odd.) Since Energon doesn't have Mirage using his battle cry, the gag wouldn't have worked for the dub.
  • The gag continues, with the Decepticons exclaiming how happy they are as they transform for battle ("one hundred times happiness transform!"), explaining why Snowcat does a pirouette while standing on Mirage's deck.
  • Six Shot doesn't originally propose creating their own grid as in the dub, but rather reactivating the one the Autobots have already built.
  • The dub has Dr. Jones wondering why the Decepticons want the plans for the energon grid. Super Link has the humans immediately figuring out that they're planning to capture the planet's core.
  • Galvatron's observation that the Terrorcons can't absorb the Super Energon doesn't quite jibe with the animation, which shows that while some are indeed overloading and blowing up, others are forming energon stars. Sure enough, the line is a dub addition.
  • A second later, the dub has Galvatron saying "Shall we use this energon to put up our own energon grid, gentlemen?" even though Starscream's the only one there. Originally, he simply asks Starscream to affirm that they can put up the grid.
  • Superion Maximus's concern that he'll have to prove his trustworthiness: dub addition.
  • Kicker originally vows to become his family's hope, a minor point lost in the dub and replaced with typical Energon "let's do it!" wiffle.

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

  • Shouldn't the Energon Saber also be affected by the gas? It's made of three Transformers (not that you'd know from watching Energon, but still...)


  • So Superion Maximus basically just stands there and lets Megatron dive into the Super Energon. Some guardian!
  • Megatron's face gets the cel animation upgrade as he screams within the Super Energon pool.
  • More paper generics in this episode - once again, they explode and die after a single shot.
  • The animation goes to great lengths to hide the fact that the combiners can actually transform. When they split, they're enveloped in a blinding glowing light, which splits into five glowing spheres which then fade away to reveal the vehicle modes. The same schtick repeats in reverse when they re-combine. Eventually, a proper combination sequence would be shown for them in "Distribution", so presumably the animation just wasn't ready at this point.


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