This article is about Trypticon's little helper from the US comics. For Trypticon's little helper that became his chestplate in dino mode, see Full-Tilt.

Wipe-Out is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
Wipe out

"Lord Darkstorm will be most pleased!"

A lumbering, powerful Transformer like Trypticon has many important things to attend to (like destruction). When he needs some small task done, he calls on Wipe-Out to do it. Wipe-Out serves Trypticon with an astonishing level of toadying sycophancy, layering on so many compliments that he actually irritates the giant with them.

This small Decepticon's super-quiet engine lets him perform recon work ahead of the slow-moving dinosaur, and he is armed with a grease gun. Possibly one of Wipe-Out's duties as Trypticon's all-purpose attendant includes lubricating his immense joints.


Marvel Comics continuity

Wipe-Out arrived on Earth with Trypticon, who had been sent to directly attack the Autobots' Headquarters, the Ark.

Trypticon sent Wipe-Out to scout for any possible interference while he prepared the attack. Wipe-Out encountered Rachel Becker, a human student drawn by dinosaur tracks left recently by the Dinobots. He brought her to Trypticon, who was delighted with the chance to destroy an organic, something he'd never destroyed before.

When Rachel tried to escape, Wipe-Out stopped her with his grease gun. Uncharacteristically, Grimlock attacked Trypticon to save her, but the behemoth threw the Dinobot commander against a hill. Wipe-Out then greased Grimlock's feet to keep him from retaliating, but the rest of the Dinobots joined the fray, and Wipe-Out was destroyed by Snarl. King of the Hill!

Wipe-Out's death didn’t seem to concern Trypticon much, but he may have just been distracted by Slag setting his head on fire. Stuff like that tends to be an attention grabber.


  • While no toy of Wipe-Out was ever made, he was based on the same toy mold as the Autobot Tailgate, with a different character model. A pot of hot blue or black dye-water should get the enterprising fan a reasonable Wipe-Out.

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