Wingwaver is the combined form of the Autobot Multiforce members Wing and Waver. Possibly one of the most bizarre combination groups, converting to vehicle mode typically leaves half of him sitting high and dry. Wing, as leader of the Multiforce, is typically the dominant member of this pairing and as such is sure to always be the top.

While cocky and self assured, Wingwaver feels very much like the lesser counterpart to Brainmaster leader Blacker.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Masashi Hironaka (Japan)

Wingwaver was the somewhat hot-headed leader of the Autobot Multiforce, operating under Star Saber's supervision when the latter was promoted to become Supreme Commander of all the Autobots. Star Saber, Hero of the Universe The Multiforce comprised a sizeable portion of Star Saber's forces, and settled on Earth shortly after their leader's promotion. Wingwaver was still something of a junior officer, leader of his own troops but still a rookie in the eyes of Star Saber's other troops, the Brainmasters, especially their veteran leader Blacker. Wingwaver often felt like he needed to justify himself to Blacker, and made careless mistakes at times because of that. He once accidentally gave away the Autobots' position during a covert mission that depended on reaching the Decepticon installation undetected. Despite this, Blacker took responsibility for his actions when questioned by Star Saber, and this eased Wingwaver's self-doubt somewhat. The Energy Base Explodes

The Multiforce, as Landcross, continued to be an active element in the Autobot forces even after Victory Saber retired and passed on command to Dai Atlas. Zone

Dreamwave comics continuity


Dumps like a tru—No, wait, that's Dashtacker.

Wingwaver was among a crowd of Autobots that had assembled to hear Prowl totally fail to give a speech about how great things were really going to be on Cybertron. Skyfire

Micromaster Collection storypages



  • Wingwaver (Multiforce, 1989)
Japanese ID number: C-316

  • Landcross (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese Id number: C-319
All six individual members of Multiforce were also made available in a gigantic gift set. It's worth noting that this set only contained the bio-card for the combined form, and none of the individuals.

Micromaster Collection

Wingwaver was never made available as a "complete" robot, you had to separately-purchase his individually-boxed components Wing and Waver. This release replaces all of the decals with paint applications, plus each individual robot also has a solid black "stealth mode" "chase" variant.

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