Wingstun is a Decepticon from the Robot Masters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

No, not Zeddemore.

Wingstun has been assigned to keep tabs on energy management among the Decepticon forces. It is perhaps because of this aptitude that he has become the most proficient of the team in handling the energies of the solitarium-powered Arsenal Force mega-weapon.

His practicality manifests itself in another way; Wingstun specializes in striking from enemies' blind spots, incapacitating them with minimal effort and wasted ammo. He seems to be friends with Wrecker Hook, despite Wrecker's occasional wasteful berserker outbursts.


Robot Masters

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As Starscream fell during mid-air combat with Victory Saber, Wingstun caught him, allowing Starscream to regain his balance. He then joined Starscream in attacking Victory Saber, nearly colliding with the Decepticon air commander in the process. Wingstun was shot out of the air by Optimus Prime as he concentrated on avoiding Victory Saber's flying sword.

Subsequently, Wingstun participated in an attack on a human city with Starscream and Megatron. He stuck with Starscream, attacking Optimus Primal with him, but he was then shot out of the air by Reverse Convoy. He was later seen retreating with the remaining Decepticons at the end of this battle.

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Robot Masters

  • Wingstun (Decepticon, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM-08
    • Accessories: "Ambush Hit" 2-part rifle, "Jamming Trident"
A redeco of the Machine Wars Skywarp/Thundercracker mold, Wingstun transforms from a Dassault Rafale fighter jet to robot mode with a single-step, spring-loaded transformation. The two halves of his "Ambush Hit" firearm store in his lower legs in jet mode.
Unique to this version of the mold is the clear-plastic solitarium weapon "Jamming Trident", which can combine with the other Decepticons' solitarium weapons to form the mega-weapon Arsenal Force.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars II Dirge, Robots in Disguise Skyfire, and Timelines Waspinator.

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