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Specifics: Toy; robot mode
Wingspan is a Decepticon Clone from the Generation One continuity family.

Like a vast, predatory bird...

One might quickly dismiss Wingspan as the weaker of the two Clone brothers, and at first glance that may seem true. After all, Pounce is an elite counter-intelligence agent feared by comrade and foe alike, whereas Wingspan is a rather lowly data processor. In truth, though, Wingspan is just as ruthless and driven as his brother, but merely focuses his efforts on a single goal: knowledge. Wingspan doesn't care if he's surfing the cortex or tearing open an Autobot's chest to stimulate his victim's vocal processor manually, so long as he gets some new information out of it.

French name (Canada): Rapace
Italian name: Rapax


Cartoon continuity

American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Peter Cullen

Wingspan and Pounce were charged with retrieving the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from Autobot City, combining Pounce's infiltration skills with Wingspan's computer savvy to override the protective locks. After disabling the Autobot guard, Punch, Wingspan successfully returned the Key to his leader, and the Decepticons proceeded on to Cybertron. The Rebirth, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity

Headmasters (Japan)

In the latter half of the Headmasters saga, the Decepticon Clones were recruited by Galvatron after betraying their former friends, the Autobot Clones. Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship They later assisted MegaZarak in setting up Death Towers across the Earth. Heavy damage by Sixshot broke their necks, but they were seemingly repaired and resumed their mission in time for the final battle. Their fate subsequent to the Decepticons' retreat from Earth is unknown.

IDW comics continuity

One of the Clones was seen on the Decepticon orbital station. Given that it was apparently a monitoring or data entry post, it was probably Wingspan. Spotlight: Sixshot


Generation One

  • Pounce and Wingspan (Clones, 1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-94
    • Accessories: 2 "Electro-Burst Rifles", left & right wings.
Wingspan transforms into a robotic eagle. His twin rifles plug into holes on his wings, which themselves plug into his back. The rubsign on his chest revealed that he was the eagle of the pair by revealing a stylized image of a bird...if the purple wings tucked into his back weren't enough of a clue.
Wingspan and his brother Pounce were only available as a two-pack set.
Awesomely his wings can be used as swords by pegging them into his hands.

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