Wingcode is a female Decepticon and energon vampire like Nightstrike in Combiner Force season. In the Great War she served as an airborne spy. Like Nightstrike, she needs energon to survive. But Wingcode has a unique way of immobilizing her prey, releasing a cloud of particles that infects Cybertronians with a potentially deadly malware.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3

During the Great War, Wingcode was an airborne spy, however after she stole a nanotech virus and absorbed it into her system, she was arrested and placed in a quarantine stasis pod aboard the Alchemor. She was eventually freed when the ship crashed on Earth and released its cargo. According to Fixit, it's likely she went into hibernation to conserve energon but woke when her reserves became critical.

In Sick as a Bot, while starving for energon, Wingcode spotted the supply piled up in the scrapyard and headed in to take some. When she was met by resistance from the Autobots, she doused the area with nano-particles before managing to grab a few cubes. She was about to try and secure more when she was interrupted by Grimlock and the reactivated security system, forcing her to fly off. She soon consumed what little she'd stolen and went searching for more, spotting Grimlock and Bulkhead with a trailer of energon cubes. Wingcode attacked, knocking the pair around and sending most of the cubes tumbling into the river, however Grimlock threw the rest into a nearby cave. She followed him in, only to find she'd fallen into his trap — unable to fly in the cramped cave, she was soon rendered unconscious by Grimlock and Bulkhead. She was taken back to the scrapyard where Fixit used a nano-cell sample from her to cure the Autobots.


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