Wingblade is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.

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Wingblade is second only to Ironhide in number of confirmed Decepticon kills, and that's only because Ironhide is older. When he's not hunting Decepticons, he's training in combat or working on his equipment in preparation for combat. He even keeps a lengthy database of alternate vehicle modes to change into so he can be as efficiently deadly as possible in any form. He is meticulous about keeping not only keeping his vast arsenal in perfect working order, but keeping his body panels clean and damage-free.


IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity

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Movie Wingblade

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  • Wingblade (Ultra Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: Left & right blades, 2 blade-handles, left & right spring-loaded missile launchers, 2 missiles, Autobot Cybertron-planet Cyber Key
A Toys "R" Us exclusive alongside Jetstorm, Wingblade is a redeco of Cybertron Wing Saber, transforming into a stylized A-10 Thunderbolt. Pressing the button behind his cockpit canopy causes a machine gun sound to emit from a speaker on the bottom of the nosecone. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key (his is a clear-red Cybertron-style Autobot key with unpainted border) into the key slot behind his canopy splits the nosecone fuselage in half and exposes a cannon with a red LED. Pressing the button activates the same machine gun sound effect, this time with the red LED flashing. His wings can unfold to extend his wingspan for "super combat mode".
Wingblade's wing-flaps detach to form swords; for Wingblade to use them, they need to be inserted into sword-handles that plug into 5mm holes in his forearms, as his hands are incompatible with the standard weapon-pegs. His removable spring-loaded missile launchers, mounted under his wings, can also be attached to those ports. His Key-activated cockpit gimmicks can also be used in robot mode, over his head, but they tend to point upward.
Wingblade can also form a flight/weapons pack for the Cybertron Leader-class Optimus Prime mold. Of course, since that mold is not available as part of the movie line, this feature is undocumented. His unfolding wings are part of this transformation, as is his expanding chest armor, which can be done anyway simply to give him a bit more of that "plate armor" look of the movie bots.


  • Despite being part of the "Allspark Power" rebranding of the movie line, Wingblade (like all of the new-character store exclusives) has no "Allspark blue" on him.
  • According to Joe Kyde's designer notes at the Hasbro website, Wingblade's colors were intended to be the color-wheel opposites of his casemate, Jetstorm, though it was acknowledged this accidentally makes him a dim Springer homage.
  • Also according to Joe Kyde, Wingblade's Autobot symbol is a special kind of chrome that is apparently hard to obtain. Of course, on this score, he could be talking crap because it's funny. It also happens to be the same kind of chrome only otherwise seen on the Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime redeco's Cyber Key, with whom Wingblade can combine.
  • Wingblade's box-back shows him with a redeco of Cybertron Optimus Prime's Matrix-shaped Key, instead of the standard Cybertron-Autobot one he actually comes with.
  • Wingblade's vehicle mode is based on the A-10 Thunderbolts called in for airstrikes on Scorponok near the small Middle Eastern town where he had cornered Captain Lennox and the other survivors of the base attack.

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