Wing Saber is an Autobot in the Unicron Trilogy. He was originally called Wing Dagger.

Japanese name: Sonic Bomber (Cybertron)


Energon Cartoon

Voice Actor: (US), (Japan)

Wing Dagger was a mere security guard on Cybertron, but when Shockblast killed his peer, Padlock, he got the chance to become something more. Reformatted into Wing Saber, he joined Optimus' team not only to find Energon, but to avenge the death of his friend. Wing Saber, being reformatted and repowered by Primus himself, understood his task of being Optimus Prime's personal servant. Optimus Prime has reminded Wing Saber that he is not his property, and Wing Saber seems to have had issues finding out who he is. Wing Saber joined Omega Prime and the other Autobots in spark form to confront the massive Galvatron-Unicron being at the end of the Energon series. His current status is as a Cybertron character, having undergone a huge shift in personality.

Cybertron Cartoon

Voice Actor: (US), (Japan)
Special Attacks Flap Sword, Galaxy Caliber

Wing Saber returned during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, but with a new rebellious, irreverent edge.

Note: Sonic Bomber is not the same character as Energon Wing Saber in Galaxy Force.




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