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Wing Saber is an Autobot who used to be called Wing Dagger. Then Shockblast attacked him. Since then, Wing Saber has led a noble life of becoming parts for Optimus Prime. Wing Saber even has his own personal team of Mini-Cons, the Caliber Mini-Cons.

Galaxy Force name: Sonic Bomber
Energon pre-release name: Superion Maximus
Cybertron pre-release name: Knockdown
Hungarian name: Éleskard (Sharp Sword), and Éleskés (Sharp Knife) as Wing Dagger.[1]
Korean name(Cyberton): Ultrajet (울트라제트)
Russian name (Energon): Ostrokriul (Острокрыл, "Sharp Wing")
Russian name (Cybertron): Sablekriul (Саблекрыл, "Saber Wing")


Animated continuity


Energon: Japan: Koji Yusa/U.S.: Colin Murdoch
Cybertron: Japan: Takayasu Usui/U.S.: Peter Kelamis


Wing Dagger was a mere security guard on Cybertron, but when Shockblast killed his peer, Padlock, he got the chance to become something more. As he is pursuing Shockblast through the sky amongst the energon towers, Shockblast strikes one with a beam, causing it to crash down upon Wing Dagger and Tidal Wave - Wing Dagger is destroyed as a result, but his spark is taken to Primus. With Rad's aid, Primus restores the warrior. Reformatted into Wing Saber, he joins Optimus' team not just to find energon, but to also avenge his friend.

Wing Saber, having been reformatted and re-powered by Primus himself, understood his task of being Optimus Prime's personal servant. Optimus reminded Wing Saber that he was not Prime's property, and Wing Saber seemed to have issues figuring out who he was. Wing Saber joined Optimus Supreme and the other Autobots in Spark form to confront the massive Galvatron-Unicron being at the end of the Energon series.

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Wing Saber returned during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, but with a new rebellious, irreverent edge. Having undergone a falling out with Optimus Prime in the brief period between Energon and Cybertron involving the life of a stranded astronaut, Wing Saber took off into space and returned when he encountered the Omega Frequency wave after the Earth Planet Key was inserted into the Omega Lock on Earth. Wing Saber now showed signs of a new defiant attitude toward his former allies, even to the point of violence. He attacked Optimus Prime at one point (claiming Prime had it coming) and fired at Hot Shot's feet when the latter questioned him once. However, Wing Saber quickly found himself part of the team again, which led to reviving his ability to combine with Optimus Prime to create their Sonic Wing Mode. Wing Saber continued to aid the Autobots until the end of the series, at which point he departed and eventually encountered (and dueled with) the mighty Starscream, who had somehow survived his duel with Galvatron on the Giant Planet.

Note: Sonic Bomber is not the same character as Energon Wing Saber in Galaxy Force. Probably. Maybe. Takara's retcon of Galaxy Force back into continuity with Super Link makes things questionable.




Brickimus Maximus!

  • Wing Saber (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID Number: SC-17
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Energon Wing Saber transforms into a Cybertronic "flying wing" jet. In both modes he has a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers. He disassembles into four portions, which attach to the limbs of Super-class Energon Optimus Prime. When Wing Saber's upper-body parts and wings are attached to Prime's arms, they are in "Flight Mode", while the lower-body-as-arms configuration brings Wing Saber's non-firing cannons to the forefront, forming "Fight Mode".
As Wing Saber is essentially a glorified accessory for the Super class Optimus Prime figure, his robot mode is a brick, with almost no articulation beyond some minor movement in his lower arms.
The Takara version predated the Hasbro release by several months. The two versions are largely identical, but Takara's has a greater number of more intricate paint applications.


  • Wing Saber (Ultra, 2005)
    • Japanese ID Number: GC-22
    • Accessories: Left & right blades, 2 blade-handles, left & right spring-loaded missile launchers, 2 missiles, Autobot Cybertron-planet Cyber Key
Cyb wingsaber toy

Demolishor called. He wants his arms back.

Cybertron Wing Saber transforms into a heavily armed military plane based on an A-10 Thunderbolt. Pressing the button behind his cockpit canopy causes a machine gun sound to emit from a speaker on the bottom of the nosecone. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into the key slot behind his canopy splits the nosecone fuselage in half and exposes a cannon with a red LED. Pressing the button activates the same machine gun sound effect, this time with the red LED flashing.
Wing Saber's wing-flaps detach to form swords; for Wing Saber to use them, they need to be inserted into sword-handles that plug into 5mm holes in his forearms, as his hands are incompatible with the standard weapon-pegs. His removable spring-loaded missile launchers, mounted under his wings, can also be attached to those ports. Wing Saber can also form a backpack for Leader class Optimus Prime's super mode, forming their Sonic Wing Mode.
GF SonicBomber toy

FINAL FU-Oh wait, wrong show.

Wing Saber comes with a silver-bordered Cybertron planet Autobot Cyber Key with the key code uya7 printed on the back.
The vast majority of Takara's Galaxy Force GC-22 Sonic Bomber figures have a misaligned "nose guard" that can obscure the eyes in some cases. This problem was fixed for the Hasbro Wing Saber figure. The Sonic Bomber figure preceded Hasbro's Wing Saber by several months and has a slightly different deco. Differences include silver chromed saber blades and a gold chromed chest shield. Minor changes were also made to graphics on the plane, such as an entirely red nosecone as opposed to Sonic Bomber's red striped, and smaller Autobot insignias on the wings.
This mold was redecoed to make Wingblade.
  • Sonic Convoy (Combination set, 2005)
Japanese ID Number: EX-02
Takara issued a slight Sonic Bomber redeco as a (rushed) Toys "R" Us exclusive set with transparent Galaxy Convoy and a retool of "Rumble" as "Coby's Rumble". Sonic Bomber received only very minor changes; the saber blades were changed from silver chrome to gold chrome, all red paint was changed to metallic red, and the chest shield halves were now red chrome rather than gold. Benefiting from a Hasbro tweak, this version also has a properly aligned "nose guard".
  • Optimus Prime and Wing Saber (Combination pack, 2006)
This set, consisting of totally unmodified versions of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber, was released as a CostCo exclusive. The set also includes a DVD with the Cybertron episode United. This set comes in a particularly huge box, and retailed for $35.99, five dollars less than the MSRP for Optimus Prime by himself.


  • Energon Wing Saber was a toy-concept initiated by Takara and left largely to their own design team to develop, though they had to follow various Hasbro price-point mandates. The toy was detail-designed by noted Japanese fan Hirofumi Ichikawa and incorporates elements of fan-favorites Predaking and Star Saber.
  • Ichikawa originally envisioned Wing Saber's personal weapon to be the Energon Saber. This was nixed by the animation production staff, however, along with many other toy-team concepts.
  • Energon Wing Saber was originally named "Superion Maximus" for his western incarnation, but the name was shelved in favor of simply reusing the established Japanese name. That same original western name was reused for the combined form of the Energon Air Team shortly thereafter.
CYB sonic bomber originalsculpt

Sonic Bomber has wing sabers.

  • Wing Saber's bio on, first appearing under the "Superion Maximus" title, was largely different from anything else, wherein "Wing Saber" was a venerable defender of high ranking Autobots and was the personal carrier of the Autobot high council.
  • Cybertron Wing Saber's original sculpt featured a different vehicle mode nosecone design than seen on the final toy. As revealed by the Japanese online retailer on April 29 2005, the original sculpt had a much greater resemblance to the A-10 Thunderbolt, with a rounded nose cone, a correctly shaped (translucent) canopy, and twin translucent gatling cannons. It is unknown what prompted the change from this more realistic sculpt to the entirely opaque one seen on the final toy.
  • Cybertron Wing Saber's legs resemble Energon Megatron's legs.

References, footnotes

  1. On the Ultimate Battle DVD special, Wing Dagger is called Tőrszárny, the most accurate of the translations (means "Dagger Wing"), but not the most fancy-sounding.

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