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Windrazor is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I clocked you at three miles above the speed limit. Prepare to die.

Windrazor leads the Skyscorchers, a team of Decepticon jets. He holds the goal of Autobot annihilation above all else, including the lives of himself and his teammates. This single-minded ideal fuels his sick genius in battle.

Japanese name: Sky Tornado
European name: Tornado
Pre-release name: Whirlwind


Meet the new boss.

Generation 2 Fleetway UK comic

Tornado was part of Bludgeon's team who went to Earth to lure out Optimus Prime. After blowing the living crap out of a lot of buildings, he landed to tell Bludgeon that he and his troops were running low on fuel. But before Bludgeon could give the command to withdraw and refuel, Tornado was promptly blasted by their intended target, Optimus Prime.

It apparently wasn't a critical blow, since he was able to fly away and gather up Hawk and Terradive, calling them away so they could tackle a new target; Megatron, who had appeared to take out both Optimus Prime and Bludgeon. He attacked Megatron, and from there it's unknown how he fared. It's possible he was taken prisoner by the Autobots along with several other Decepticons.

(Note: This being a UK story, Windrazor and Eagle Eye use their European names "Tornado" and "Hawk", respectively.)


Generation 2

  • Windrazor (Skyscorcher, 1993/1994)
Windrazor transforms into a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. His undercarriage radar becomes a hand-held non-firing blaster weapon for robot mode. Many fail to realize that his paint scheme is near identical to the Thunderbirds, the U.S. Air Force stunt team.
He was originally sold in the European market in 1993 (under the name Tornado) as part of the "transitional" line that used the Generation 2 faction sigils, but lacked the new subline name. He was later released in the US, with no notable changes, as part of the Generation 2 line. He was then later re-released in the European version of Generation 2 in 1994.


Totally not evil now, really.

Windrazor's mold was one of several intended to be used in the post-G2 Takara Block Town line, as an Autobot. To be redecoed in white, he was to come with the TFBT-3 Airport Building Set, a building-block airport tower that could be rebuilt into a battle station of some form. This set ultimately never came to release.
In 2005, a supposed Takara "release" schedule listed the Block Town sets among several other future items coming out. Only the Galaxy Force items on that list saw release, however (and some only as store exclusives to boot).
Since very little information exists on the line's more fictional aspects, it is unknown if this toy was to be the same general character Windrazor, or a new character altogether, thought the whole "Autobot" thing leans heavily towards "new".

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