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Windrazor was the imperfect result of a radical experiment conducted under the most desperate conditions. In the 32nd Century, Cybertron is ruled by the Predacon Warlord Shokaract and only a tiny resistance of Maximals and Predacons remains to fight him. In order to gain vital intelligence, a Maximal known as The Veteran merged his spark with a dying Predacon- the Cub, resulting in a dual-sparked hybrid, Windrazor himself. He possesses both youthful recklessness and battle-tested wisdom, and should potentially benefit from both; but the merging was imperfect, and Windrazor's two component personalities can clash for control of his actions.


3H Tales of the Beast Wars comics

Windrazor traveled back in time to the closing days of the Beast Wars to try to prevent Shokaract's future rise to power. But since Windrazor was basically a smaller, fuzzier Dinobot and Shokaract was basically Unicron, their battle was brief and one-sided. Despite Windrazor's failure, Shokaract was eventually defeated, causing his entire timeline to unravel. Apelinq grabbed Windrazor and opened a transwarp portal back to his own time, but where two entered the time portal, only Apelinq emerged. Windrazor's fate at that time was unknown.

Transformers Collectors' Club

While in transwarp space, Windrazor was retrieved by Primus, whose divine intervention protected the young Maximal from being nullified along with the timeline of his origin. Windrazor was safely deposited in a new location to serve as a sort of "spirit guide" for other champions of Primus, and eventually he was able to convey his gratitude to Apelinq's upgraded form. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Note: This was Windrazor's first storyline appearance in seven years, during which time some fans had concluded he had indeed been erased from the multiverse.

Transmetals video game

Voice actor: Chris Tang (US)


"Windrazor's 'player two' colors from the game- so pretty! (But not as pretty as Silverbolt's!)"

When Megatron broke free during his transport back to Cybertron, he sent a message through transwarp to himself in the past, causing a critical chapter of the Beast Wars to be rewritten.

Windrazor appears as an unlockable character exclusive to the PlayStation version of the Transmetals fighting game. He features a "Spark Extinguisher" special attack, and encourages all to learn from the past so they may live for the future.

The video game appearance afforded fans a chance to hear what Windrazor sounds like.

To unlock Windrazor
In Versus Mode, select either 'vs. human' or 'vs computer,' then immediately press and hold L1, L2, L3, and L4, and the directional right. Once unlocked the character will remain playable without repeating.


Beast Wars

  • Windrazor (Deluxe, 1999)
Windrazor is a white-with-purple-accents redeco of the Maximal Silverbolt, transforming into an eagle-wolf hybrid creature. His wings have spring-loaded missile launchers, while pulling on his beast-mode tail swings them forward. Though easy to confuse with the much darker Silverbolt at a glance, it is impossible to mistake the two toys side by side.
He was available exclusively at the Botcon 1999 Transformers Convention.
Windrazor is the only convention exclusive sold on a card with a sealed plastic bubble. The packaging proved unpopular with collectors as it is impossible to remove the toy without destroying its packaging, and so that style was never used again.


  • Windrazor's pre-release name was the terrible pun "Soulstice".

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