Prime of Micron Windra package art

Windra (ウィンドラ Windora) is a Decepticon Mini-Con.



  • Windra (Micron, 2016-04-29)
    • ID number: TMC 05
    • Accessories: "Wing Armor" sprue (helmet, 2 axes, blaster, 2 claws, 2 flame-bursts)
As part of the first wave of single-pack Microns in the "Prime of Micron" portion of Adventure, Windra is a redeco and slight retooling of the Torpedo-form Dragonus. He transforms from an armor-plated "bullet mode" to dragonoid robot and back with a mostly-one-step geared autotransformation. Like all "Torpedo" Mini-Cons, he is designed so his bullet mode can be launched by the Deployer Fracture toy. His tail has been retooled to add a 5mm post to it, which lets his bullet mode be mounted on a larger robot (or hand-held) with compatible post-holes.
He comes with an armor sprue (which has had a 5mm post-hole added to it) that contains several snap-off pieces of plug-on armor and weapons. These armor pieces do not have to be taken off for transformation or to fit into Fracture's launcher. Since the armor is the same as Dragonus's, the axes can be used as part of the Mini-Con armor lion.
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