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Wind Sheer is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

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Wind Sheer is the Mini-Con partner to Wheeljack, through thick and thin. Like Wheeljack, Wind Sheer used to be sided with the Autobots, but after their seeming betrayal by their teammates, Wind Sheer followed his partner over to the Decepticon side. He's not as sure about the decision to change sides as Wheeljack is, but won't abandon his friend, no matter what. And in return, Wheeljack fights hard to make sure none of his new allies try to take advantage of Wind Sheer.

Japanese name: Hawk


Dreamwave Armada comics

Wind Sheer was among the Earth-based Mini-Cons gathered at the Black Mesa in Arizona, just before the Transformers left Earth to return to Cybertron and fight off Unicron. Presumably, he was at the Loop in Cyber City, and gave his power to the Mini-Con Matrix, which dealt the critical blow to Unicron.

Fun Publications Cybertron comic

Wind Sheer is seen among the Mini-Con rebels led by the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team, using powerful energon weapons to strike at bases held by the Mini-Con Council of Sages. He was present at the battle where Unicron made his presence known in a big way, though it is not known how he fared in it.



  • Wheljack with Mini-Con Wind Sheer (Deluxe, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-07
Available only with his larger partner Wheeljack, Wind Sheer transforms into an F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter. He's designed to fit snugly into the indentation on Wheeljack's roof, activating his Powerlinx-triggered gull-wing doors.
  • Rampage and Hawk with Air Assault Micron (Multi-pack, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MS-08
In Japan, Wheeljack & Wind Sheer were available both as an individual release, and in a multi-pack with the Air Assault Mini-Con Team.



Dammit, why?!

Wind Sheer's mold was intended to be redecoed as part of a Universe Battle in a Box set with Wheeljack-mold redeco Drench, Smokescreen and a Mini-Con presumably named Jolt. While the "final" name of the Mini-Con is not actually known, if the previous Battle in a Box sets are any indication, he'd have been named "Wind Sheer" and given no indication if he was the same character or an alternate-universe incarnation or what.


  • Though a character model sheet was made for Wind Sheer, it doesn't look like he appears in the Armada cartoon at all.
  • Wind Sheer's toy arms appear to have been placed on the wrong sides. His forearms have "cuts" for (admittedly nonexistent) elbow joints on the backsides of his arms, plus the wedge that prevents his arms from swinging forward in robot mode appear to be there to prevent his arms from swinging too far back and smooshing the now-upward-pointing claw in jet mode. If reversed, it appears Wind Sheer would be able to point both arms directly ahead of him parallel to the ground, rather than at a 45-degree angle downward (once his wings are positioned in their proper 45-degree tilt). His character model shown in the Micron Legend Yearbook 2003 has the arms reversed from the toy's, so the vertical points of his triangular hands are on the underside, not topside as the toy has them, supporting the "swapped" theory. Unfortunately, his arms are bolted to his wing assemblies, which makes swapping them nigh-impossible.

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