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William Lennox is a Captain in the United States Army Rangers, stationed at SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar. A young, yet capable officer, Lennox has the friendship and trust of the men under his command.

He has a wife and a newborn daughter back home.


Transformers (2007 film)

Actor: Josh Duhamel
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Yeah, real good watching your commander's back, guys in the background.

Returning back to SOCCENT after a mission behind enemy lines, Lennox's men discussed what they were going to do once they got home to the States. As usual, Fig talked about his mom's cooking in Spanish, Epps commented that he'll never accept a dinner invitation to Fig's house and Donnelly reminisced about flat beer, cold hot dogs and baseball on weekends. When asked about what he wanted to do, Lennox replied that he only wanted to hold his baby girl for the first time, to which his men teased him for his sappy sentiment.

After their CV-22 Ospreys touched down, Lennox was writing a report when local boy Mahfous visited him carrying a bag of water. Soon afterwards, he talked to his wife Sarah and their daughter on the satellite video phone. Lennox declared that their daughter was so cute that he just wanted to chew on her cheeks, and that they both made one good looking kid. To his delight, Sarah told him their girl has his laugh, though he wondered if she had merely farted. Around the same time as a mysterious MH-53 Pave Low helicopter had landed on the base, his connection to Sarah became distorted, and he tried to tell her that he'll be home soon as the transmission was cut.

Suddenly, the base was under attack as the helicopter somehow transformed into a giant robot. Leading his men and the boy Mahfous, they witnessed Epps nearly being crushed by the weapons platform before Fig saves him by firing a sabot from his grenade launcher into the 'chest' of the weapon. With Epps in tow, Lennox's unit escaped as the robot laid waste to SOCCENT, leaving no survivors.

The next morning, after making their way through the desert, the men discussed the past night's events, with Epps expressing his belief that the weapon, whatever it was, looked right back at him as he was taking its photograph. Lennox determined that no matter what, they had to get the information back to the Pentagon, and asked Mahfous to lead them to his village where they could find a telephone line. Unknown to them, a second robot, a mechanical scorpion, was listening to their conversation and stalking them. As they neared the outskirts of the village, a metal spiked tail rose out of the sand and nearly killed Lennox when Epps fired at it, saving his life. Unfortunately, the giant scorpion killed top kick Donnelly and the men ran for their lives to relative cover of the villiage.

Ordering the men to form a defensive perimeter, Lennox followed Mahfous to his father Akram's house, the latter of whom provided him with a cell phone. As the others fought off Scorponok, Lennox attempted to call for help from the Pentagon, but had more than a little trouble with the operator who demanded a credit card despite the life-and-death situation he was in. After successfully searching for Epps' credit card in one of the latter's many back pockets, Lennox successfully contacted the Pentagon, but not before the operator tried to get him to sign onto a Premium Plus World Service Gold Package. He'll never use that company again.

10: LEFT CHEEK! 20: GOTO 10

The Pentagon sends in two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs from Strike Package Bravo, to which Lennox orders the men to laze the target for the the Air Force' radars to lock onto and fire upon. Unfortunately, the A-10s do no appreciable damage to the metal scorpion with Epps expressing disbelief that it could still be alive. Lennox suggested the biggest barrels the Air Force has: the 105 millimeter cannons of AC-130 Spectre gunship. This is signaled with a shout of "Bring the rain!", pounding Scorponok into the sand. As the dust settled, the scorpion got up and dived into the sand, but not before leaving part of its damaged tail behind. Lennox and Epps ran to check on Fig, who had been struck by one of the scorpion's missiles.

En-route back to the America, the team studies the tail they salvaged from the battle scene. As the analyst described that it seemed to be covered in a Self-regenerating molecular armor, Lennox pointed out where a sabot round had burned right through. Turning to Epps' expertise, he asked if it was correct that sabot rounds had a 6000 degree magnesium burn, to which Epps said was true. As Lennox ordered Epps to tell command to load sabot rounds on all their gunships, the tail suddenly came to life and narrowly missed impaling them. Epps angrily berated the analyst for telling them it was dead, Lennox ordered them to strap the tail down, while concluding that the technology behind it was 'wicked'. Touching down at Nellis Air Force Base, no sooner had Lennox's men walked off the plane when mysterious government agents pull up in black SUVs and order the Rangers to come with them.

After arriving at Hoover Dam, he and his unit meet with Secretary of Defense John Keller, and are taken to see the Iceman. After the Iceman began to thaw, Lennox and his unit headed for the armory, where they had a special on forty mm sabot rounds. When Sam Witwicky asked Agent Simmons to free a good robot, Simmons refuses to listen, until Lennox gets him to cooperate by putting a gun to his chest, resulting in a Mexican standoff between his unit and Sector Seven. Simmons ordered him to release him, but Lennox told Simmons he and his men don't take orders from people who don't exist. They won the standoff. Losing is really not an option for those guys. Lennox and his men subsequently escort Sam and the car to Mission City, meeting other good robots en route.

After arriving in Mission City, they were attacked by a fighter jet which some truck called "Starscream". Later, a tank started shelling them, which the good robots totally triple teamed. Lennox and his men engaged the tank, but it just wouldn't die. Telling Sam to take the All Spark to a building to be evacuated, Lennox and his team engaged the tank thing, which began to overtake them. It was only with the help of the the the Camaro and some girl that they were able to kill the thing.

Later, Lennox and his men went to assist Optimus Prime in his fight with Megatron. During the battle, that helicopter which attacked the base in Qatar arrived and went to help his boss. Lennox totally killed it dead by the time honored method of:

  • Getting on a motorcycle
  • Jumping off the motorcycle as it slams into the enemy
  • Sliding under his opponent.
  • Shooting them in the gearbox with sabot rounds until they are dead.
  • Going "woo-hoo", "yee-ha", or another exclamation of success.

His final action in the battle of Mission City was to shoot a sabot round in the chest of Megatron, offering an opening to Sam to ram the Allspark in his chest, thus allowing the victory.

After the deaths of the Decepticons, Ironhide gave him a ride home, where he was reunited with his wife and met his newborn daughter. It is unknown if he planned to remain with Lennox.


By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, I shall avenge you!

  • A later scene where Lennox comforts the dying Figueroa was cut from the theatrical release of the film, but briefly seen in the December 2006 trailer. The scene survived in both the novelization and the childrens' novelization where (despite many changes made to tone down descriptions of violence against robots) he still died. Go fig!
  • Early scripts give Lennox's rank as Sergeant.
  • Lennox is given the nickname "Wild Bill" in the novelization. Whether this was a deliberate reference to the G.I.Joe character remains unknown.
  • Josh Duhamel's left foot was injured by a piece of fake shrapnel during filming.[1]

Hey! It's me! Lennox!

  • The Capture of Bumblebee set from the "Screen Battles" packs features what appear to be two Sector Seven soldiers, but one of them is obviously Lennox painted in Sector Seven colors.


  1. Duhamel made fun of his minor injury during the Second Life Virtual Press Conference (the shrapnel was made of cork and it cut his pinky) explaining that he wasn't allowed to do his own stunts.
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