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"We have to contain the situation before we all wind up on the eleven o' clock news!"
―Agent Fowler to the Autobots in Loose Cannons.

William 'Bill' Fowler (Special Agent Fowler), is an agent and liaison for the Autobots and works for the military. Agent Fowler helps Team Prime with certain enemies. He is part of the special division known as Unit E, which apparently handles such special threats as MECH and the Decepticons.


Early LifeEdit

Fowler used to be in the Army Rangers before retiring from the military service and he is divorced. During his time in the Army Rangers, he had one mission where he was separated from his platoon behind enemy lines, which he resorted to leading the enemy astray to give him the opportunity to escape and regroup.

Meeting and Serving as a liason with the AutobotsEdit

Somehow, Fowler became the special liaison between the Autobots and the United States of America. Oftentimes, he wasn't pleased of Team Prime every time they encounter the Decepticons that would have risked the exposure of their presence to the whole world.

Decepticons are backEdit

He visited the Autobot base to scold the Autobots for being involved in traffic accidents. Later, Agent Fowler found out about Jack, Miko, and Rafael but was prevented by Bulkhead from calling his superiors. Agent Fowler was captured by the Decepticons and interrogated by Starscream, who used an Energon prod to make him talk. This proved useless as Agent Fowler was soon in a rambling state. He was rescued by the Autobots and also provided a distraction to Starscream that soon led him to escape. Agent Fowler rode in Bulkhead and suggested to the kids that they stop for pie. He was brought back at the base where he was given rudimentary medical treatment. Fowler was out of it as the Autobots were fighting the Decepticons in outer space on Megatron's space bridge. Fowler recovered and cheered when the Autobots had destroyed Megatron's space bridge and returned safely. He thanked them for saving the world before he left the base.

Skquake encounterEdit

When he received strange transmissions, Agent Fowler piloted his jet as he warned other pilots to stay away from the area that he received the transmissions. During a fight between Optimus with Bumblebee against Skyquake, Fowler had came to the scene where Skyquake seized the opportunity to scan his jet for his alt-mode. Agent Fowler was shocked and began firing at Skyquake, which the latter had fired back heat seeking missiles at Fowler. This left Agent Fowler to evade the missiles as he was able to successfully get away from them and stated to himself he still "got it". He came to Bumblebee's aid in picking up the Autobot who had disabled Skquake in mid-air.

MECH chaseEdit

Agent Fowler angrily reported to the Autobots that he was shot down by what he believed to be a Decepticon while he was transporting the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System in his jet. The Autobots came to his aid as they transported the device into Optimus Prime's trailer as Agent Fowler rode inside Optimus's truck mode. The convoy soon encountered problems when a human organization, who Agent Fowler presumed was Decepticons, called MECH intervened. When a member of MECH came onto Optimus's trailer to unhitch the trailer, Agent Fowler got out to grab the guy but he was unable to get any form of answer out of him as the guy was knocked out of Fowler's hand by a passing tree. The leader of MECH named Silas contacted Fowler through Optimus's radio and explained that they planned on taking the D.N.G.S. for their own uses. The Autobots were able to get the device in a passing train but were soon confronted by Vehicons. Optimus told Fowler that they must break their cover in order for them to survive, which Optimus transformed into robot mode and place Fowler in a safe spot away from the battle. When Agent Fowler was informed by Silas that they figured out where the D.N.G.S. was, he told Optimus about it, who was promptly hit by a tree trunk by a Vehicon. Agent Fowler witnessed from the area he was in as Optimus was able to stop the train with Jack, Miko, some soldiers, and the D.N.G.S.

Helping the Autobots and MikoEdit

Fowler was away when the Autobots had contacted him so that he could help them in retrieving an Energon Harvester from a museum. Eventually, Agent Fowler came back from his intensive training retreat to help the Autobots slip a replica of the Harvester into the museum. He also help Miko get out of being in trouble with the museum's security guard.

Out of His HeadEdit

Agent Fowler had informed the Autobots that the Decepticons have stolen lens from the Kauai Naval Observatory in Hawaii. He tells them that the lens had a tracking device on it, enabling the Autobots to find it in the Arctic.

Unicron attack/ Suiting Jack up for CybertronEdit

To be added

Fake Optimus PrimeEdit

Fowler was allowed past a restricted area by a soldier. While making his way through the road via his car, he was hassled by a vehicle. He originally believed the driver to have a form of road rage before realizing they were trying to bump him off the rode. As the driver moved in on him, he recognized the vehicle as that of Optimus Prime and tried to drive away from him while questioning if the latter had gone insane. Fowler contacted the Autobot base and asked for Optimus Prime before Ratchet revealed he was presently elsewhere, seemingly confirming that the vehicle was that of the Autobot leader.

As Ratchet concluded that his claim seemed unlikely, Fowler thought otherwise and continued to try and get away from the vehicle before being left dangling on the edge of the road. As he dangled, the Autobots arrived to both save him and stop Optimus, with Bumblebee grabbing Fowler's vehicle as it prepared to plummet. However, his grip on the car broke when the piece he was holding came off the vehicle, only for Fowler to be saved by Bulkhead, whom grabbed the vehicle as it was falling. After Bulkhead asked him if he was okay, Fowler stated he was before being hit in the face by his car's airbag. He returned to the base with the Autobots, where Arcee stated she was struck by Optimus and Fowler reminded the group that he told them it was him.

As the group tried desperately to conclude why Optimus attacked Fowler, Fowler concluded that if Optimus had indeed gone rogue, the Autobots and humankind would have a serious problem. As Optimus returned to the base and seemingly was about to pull out a weapon, Fowler tried to protect the kids by placing his arm in front of them before Optimus was confirmed to have not attacked him. As the other Autobots acted in suspicion, Fowler told him not to blame them and explained to Optimus that he had been attacked earlier that night by a vehicle with a similar appearance to that of himself. Fowler received a call from the government stating an attack by Optimus Prime was currently commencing, with Fowler in disbelief and citing that Optimus was not behind any attack. After the Autobots went to the base, Fowler received a call from General Bryce, stating that the Autobots attacked the base as a team. However, he continued to contest their innocence, stating that Optimus and the others only arrived in response to the initial attack. However, he was forced to stop talking and after being asked about the damage by Jack Darby, he confirmed that all military personnel were under command to destroy all and any Autobots on sight.

As Optimus concluded that his impostor posed a great threat, Fowler described the impostor in greater detail. As Arcee concluded that the MECH base was near their creation, Fowler rhetorically asked what the Autobots were waiting for and exclaimed that they go out and destroy MECH's creation. As Optimus expressed his belief that Fowler should not put himself in harm's way over Nemesis Prime, Fowler concluded that the Autobots shouldn't be out while the military was moving in to attack them. As Ratchet found their base after the Autobots left, Fowler ordered Ratchet to reopen the Ground Bridge. Ratchet reminded him of Optimus's instructions for the latter to not get involved. However, Fowler stated that while he did not plan on fighting any robots, he was more than content with fighting off MECH as they were human as well. As he arrived, Ratchet guided him to the structure in which MECH was supposedly operating the robot. He confronted Silas and dueled with him, both of them stating their previous training. However, Fowler lost the fight after being struck and revealed to Silas that he was only serving as a distraction while Optimus fought the standing still robot. After Optimus succeeded in destroying his impostor, Fowler confirmed that he would be fine while suggesting to the latter to evacuate.

Relic HuntEdit

When the Nemesis crashed Fowler said he had to come along to bear witness. He only saw all the Autobots get served and that the Nemesis could not detect him. When the humans went on board to get the Iacon database he was knocked into another rant. He recovered when the Autobots were on their relic hunts. He was given the job of monitoring Bulkhead. As Bulk, transported the Tox-En to the volcano the two bonded by the fact that they had similar military histories. Whenever Bulkead got down in his mission Fowler gave his support to think of his friends and his past. He also cleared a military base for Optimus and kept Vogel quiet for the Manhattan team. Bulkhead returned from his mission near death. He told Miko it was not her fault that Bulkhead was injured and that Hardshell was responsible. He was called to talk to New York's mayor as security cameras picked up footage of the subway fights.

Destruction of Autobot BaseEdit

A huge fortress appeared outside the Autobot Base. Fowler had Jasper evacuated, as a result. He learned that Megatron had built a fortress there because he knew the location of the Autobot Base. Fowler engaged the Seeker Armada and the Insecticons alone. He called for back up from Air Defense Command before an Insection stopped him. He was saved by Wheeljack, who had come to save his Autobot comrades. He saw June Darby was confronted by a low flying Seeker and promplty killed it. He and June watched in horror as Autobot Outpost Omega-One was completely destroyed.

Beast HuntersEdit

Fowler and June retreated to Unit:E. He was constantly getting phone calls from Megatron who told him the Decepticons wanted a place to call home and simply asked that they have Darkmount and be allowed to hunt for Energon. Fowler, saw through these lies and was confident the Autobots survived and were hiding. He later got a call from Ratchet who transmitted his coordinates. Fowler and June flew to the Harbinger where they reunited with the kids and most of Team Prime. They were introduced to Ultra Magnus and noted the absence of Prime and Smokescreen saying they could not wait for them even if they survived. Fowler was part of the squadron that was to destroy Darkmount. He got very bored of waiting for Ultra Magnus' all clear, unaware all the Autobots were captured. When he heard Prime was alive he flew off to destroy Darkmount.

He offered Hanger E as use for the Autobot Base. He went on a mission with June to retrieve a Predacon talon it started out very well, but ended horribly. He was captured by Knock Out, almost died (twice) and lost the Predacon talon. It was not a total loss for him as he became closer to June.

When the Decepticons started stealing human technology, Fowler notified the Autobots. He accidentally gave Laserbeak the location of the base and was knocked out by Soundwave. Knowing that the 'Cons found the base, Fowler acted on a most brilliant idea and switched the letters of Hanger E and Hanger F. 

He later eyed the Apex Armor as it protected Miko from being Predacon chow. He said technology like that could help humans when Autobots could not be there to fight the Decepticons.

During the final battle the humans remained behind and monitored things from base. Jack and an Apex Armor-clad Miko later stormed the bridge of the Nemesis. Fowler did a jump of joy when he heard that Megatron was dead. He officially made the kids consultants at Unit E and saluted the Autobots as they left for Cybertron.


Fowler first appeared to be very skeptical and antagonistic towards Team Prime for causing various incidents which nearly blew their low profile to civilians every time they encounter Decepticons but after being saved from the Decepticons and witnessing Megatron's defeat, he shows to be very grateful and owes them one. He is a patriot through and through and often very direct with his words. He often uses varies references to U.S. culture in his speech. He never backs down from a showdown, and appears to be completely fearless when faced with death.




General Bryce is Agent Fowler's superior officer, but the pair appear to be on friendly terms as well, given Bryce addressing Fowler by the nickname "Bill." Unfortunately, due to lacking Fowler's field experience with the Transformers, Bryce has proven skeptical regarding some of Fowler's reports, at times questioning his sanity. However, the sudden appearance of Optimus Prime changed Bryce's opinions towards Optimus and the Autobots.

June DarbyEdit


Agent Fowler hugging June in One Shall Rise, Part 3.

William Fowler has been romantically interested in June Darby for some time, making a definite effort to act on his best behavior around her and to get on her good side. He has hinted some form of romance as he hugged June in One Shall Rise, Part 3. As both of them are divorcees, they bonded over that shared "saga" in their lives. The two did bicker briefly while captives of Knock Out, but the experience did ended up bringing them closer together, with June calling Fowler by the name Bill after they were rescued by Wheeljack and Arcee. After the series finale, it remains unknown if they became a couple.

Jack DarbyEdit

Initially, Agent Fowler had little to do with Jack, primarily seeing him and the other children as one more instance of Optimus Prime and the Autobots failing to hold up their end of the bargain to keep their existence secret from the general public. However, as time went by and Jack became closer with the Autobots, he grew on Agent Fowler as well. Fowler's interest in Jack also grew due to his involvement with Jack's mother June, and Fowler later revealed to Jack that they had been discussing Jack's future. Given his experience with the Autobots, Fowler felt that Jack might make a good fit for an agent of Unit E, which he ultimately offered to Jack, Miko and Raf after the Autobots restored Cybertron.

Miko NakadaiEdit

As with Jack, Fowler initially saw Miko as more of a nuisance than anything else, but over time he recognized that she had a great deal of potential. This led to him offering her and her two friends semi-official positions within Unit E, though the overeager Miko was informed that they would be consultants rather than agents given that they weren't yet of legal age.

Rafael EsquivelEdit

After a somewhat poor first encounter, Rafael soon proved himself in Agent Fowler's eyes with his computer abilities. This went so far that Fowler joined Jack and Miko in going to Rafael's home to get his help in dealing with Project Damocles despite risk of discovery by Raf's mother, which the group played in a little "study group" trick around Raf's mother. After the Autobots restored Cybertron, Agent Fowler offered Raf and his two friends positions at Unit E, which they would be consultants until they were legal age to be agents.

Optimus PrimeEdit

"Prime has recently proven he's willing further than ever to protect humanity, Optimus prime is a true patriot, he and his team continue to risk their lives, day in and day out asking absolutely nothing in return; the simple fact is Prime doesn't have a bad circuit in his body"
―Agent Fowler regarding Optimus.

At first Agent Fowler did not appreciate Optimus being on Earth as Fowler believed that Prime and his Autobots were the reason for the Decepticon presence on Earth. However, after the Autobots managed to save him from the Nemesis as well as saving Earth from Megatron, Fowler came to respect and honor Optimus and became more of a friend. Optimus often proved a voice of reason to the somewhat aggressive Fowler, something that Fowler didn't always appreciate. However, he came to develop great faith in Optimus' character, to the point that the idea of him defecting to the Decepticons of his own volition was impossible in Fowler's mind.


"Don't be fooled by the smaller footprint, she leaves a mark."
―Fowler about Arcee to Bryce.

As with many of the Autobots, Fowler didn't always get along with Arcee, particularly when she attracted public attention while in vehicle mode. However, Arcee also impressed Fowler by overcoming the loss of her partners Cliffjumper and Tailgate and demonstrating skill and heart in battle that more than made up for her diminutive size when compared to her fellow Autobots.


Of all the Autobots, Bumblebee was possibly Agent Fowler's biggest headache when it came to public relations, as Bumblebee's muscle car alternate mode drew a lot of attention, particularly whenever it was noticed that he had no driver. The fact that Bumblebee's speech was unintelligible to Fowler also proved to be a point of frustration. However, Fowler recognized the valuable contribution Bumblebee made to Team Prime, as well as the heroism in the Battle of Tyger Pax that had resulted in his impaired speech in the first place.


Fowler and Ratchet were never exactly the best of friends, but Fowler definitely appreciated Ratchet as an ally and his commitment to Team Prime.


Fowler and Bulkhead were initially quite antagonistic towards each other, mainly because Fowler considered Bulkhead too much of a loose cannon. However, the two eventually bonded over their shared military experience, particularly during Bulkhead's battle with Hardshell. Fowler seemed depressed when Bulkhead was injured by Hardshell, which led to a long process of healing for Bulkhead. Both Fowler and Bulkhead seemed to have a strong friendship since then.


Like his fellow Wrecker Bulkhead, Wheeljack initially rubbed Agent Fowler the wrong way with his reckless attitude and lack of consideration for the other Autobots' efforts to act as Robots in Disguise. However, over time he came to regard Wheeljack as a valued member of Team Prime, and saluted him upon his departure from Earth.


Agent Fowler didn't interact a great deal with Smokescreen, but seems to have regarded him as a valuable member of the Autobot team. As such, while Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee were saying their goodbyes to Jack, Miko, and Raf, Fowler bid farewell to Smokescreen with a salute.

Ultra MagnusEdit

Ultra Magnus and Agent Fowler didn't enjoy much interaction during the Autobot commander's brief time on Earth, but they shared similar attitudes regarding tactics and warfare. Like Wheeljack and Smokescreen, Fowler bid farewell to Ultra Magnus upon his departure from Earth by giving him a silent salute, which Magnus returned along with his two comrades.



Agent Fowler was directly involved in almost all of the Autobots' engagements with MECH, and notably engaged their leader Silas-aka former Colonel Leland Bishop-in hand-to-hand combat during the Nemesis Prime incident. He also led the investigation into MECH's activities, and developed a rather personal antagonism with them due to their attempts to take him out.

Leland BishopEdit

Agent Fowler never physically met Silas (a.k.a. Leland Bishop) in Convoy but they did engage one another in Nemesis Prime. Agent Fowler broke into MECH's secret bunker where Silas was controlling Nemesis Prime to fight Optimus Prime. Agent Fowler fought Silas in a little hand-to-hand combat fight where Silas seemed to have the upper hand. They both revealed where they received their training from different military divisions which Silas was a member of a Special Operations of the United States military and Fowler was a member of the Army Rangers. Silas was able to get the better of Fowler but Agent Fowler revealed he was distracting Silas long enough for Optimus to defeat Nemesis Prime. Agent Fowler also stopped Silas (who was apparently fused in Breakdown's body) from using an old project called Project Damocles with the help of Rafael.


Fowler was held captive by Starscream for a short time aboard the Nemesis, and subjected to torture via an Energon Prod. However, Fowler-who was aware of Starscream's status as Megatron's subordinate-remained unimpressed with the Seeker leader both before and after enduring his tortures.


Fowler briefly interacted with Megatron on a few occasions, mainly after Darkmount was recreated in Jasper. Though Megatron claimed to have peaceful interests at heart, Fowler refused to believe his claims or that he had successfully destroyed the Autobots.


Fowler never interacted personally or physically with Dreadwing, but he did recognize him as the one Decepticon that Optimus Prime seemed to have any respect for.

Knock OutEdit

Fowler may have spent more time interacting with Knock Out than any other Decepticon, as the villainous medic held both him and June Darby captive for some time after relieving them of a Predacon talon. Knock Out had the nerve to comment on Fowler and June's relationship, but Fowler later repaid him in a measure by hitting him in the eyes with a dose of pepper spray.


Fowler has a V-tol and a Huey helicopter for aerial transport and combat.


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  • Agent Fowler's vehicles, all of which are flight vehicles, have been scanned by Skyquake, Airachnid, and Dreadwing.
    • Fowler actually allowed Optimus to scan a high tech car based vehicle mode that he provided him with in Project Predacon.
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