Will the Bomber Project Be Destroyed!? is the twenty-fifth episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on October 18, 1988 on Nippon TV.



With Ginrai out of commission, the Decepticons initiate an all-out attack on the Bomber Project.


Badly injured after his battle with Overlord, the wounded Ginrai is taken to hospital by the Headmaster Juniors, Lightfoot and Ranger. Road King arrives late, but finds the time to admire the hospital's many attractive nurses before being led to Ginrai's room, where all four Godmasters discuss the Decepticons' plans and the urgency with which the Bomber Project must be completed. Ginrai is prepared to struggle on despite his injuries, but Lightfoot insists that he stay in hospital and recuperate, and the arrival of a nurse to take Ginrai's temperature convinces him that this might be the best course of action…

Masterforce ep25 OverlordinSpace

At the Decepticon base, Devil Z communicates with the Decepticon super-weapon currently heading for Earth, which is revealed to be the powerful BlackZarak, and directs Mega and Giga to head for the moon to rendezvous with him. Blood and Gilmer, meanwhile, have discovered that the Autobots' Bomber Project is being carried out in a British Motors factory, and race to tell Mega and Giga of this, but Hydra and Buster intercept them and coerce the information out of them before telling Mega and Giga themselves. Giga instructs them to use any means necessary to destroy the Bomber Project, and the two Godmaster brothers head for Canada with the Pretenders in tow.

Masterforce ep25 Pretenders Owned

Nananana nananana nananana nananana TRANSFORMERS!!!!!

At British Motors in Canada, the Autobot Headmaster Juniors arrive to report Ginrai's condition to Metalhawk. Hawk tells them that the Bomber Project has entered its final stage, which is the cue for an alarm to sound, heralding the approach of the Decepticons! As the Juniors head out for battle, Lightfoot arrives to join them even as the Decepticons begin their assault, blowing up buildings and smashing everything in their path in an attempt to find the secret facility housing the Bomber Project. Lightfoot battles the Godmaster brothers while the Juniors struggle against the Pretenders, with Metalhawk and the other Autobots racing to finish the Bomber Project all the while. Ranger and Road King soon arrive to tip the fight in the Autobots' favour, allowing the Juniors to focus on extinguishing the fires that are spreading through the complex. Road King breaks away from the fight to alert Hawk and the other Pretenders to a plan he has formed, and soon, a truck suddenly comes speeding out of one of the factories, barrelling past the Decepticons. Naturally assuming that the Autobots are attempting to escape with the Bomber Project, Hydra and Buster pursue the truck while Lightfoot and Ranger dispatch the Pretenders, who limp away with severed limbs.

Masterforce ep25 Dogpile

Out in the nearby mountains, Hydra and Buster continue to chase the truck until it comes to a halt, and Road King bursts out of the cab—the cargo hidden within the truck is, in fact, simply his Transtector. Realizing that they have been duped, the two Decepticons turn to head back to the factory, only to find Lightfoot and Ranger blocking their way. They fuse into Darkwings in an attempt to escape, but the three Autobots all jump the giant jet and manage to tear off some of its wings and fins, sending the two villains spiralling off into the distance in a ball of smoke and fire.

Back at the factory, Ginrai arrives, having first become restless in the hospital, then worried when he could not contact the Autobots by phone. Relieved to see that the Autobots made it through the fight even without his power, Ginrai is encouraged by everyone to keep himself out of harm's way until he is fully healed, given that the success of the Bomber Project will mean nothing if he is not around to put it to use. At that moment, Phoenix receives a report from a weather observation station on the moon – Overlord has arrived on the lunar surface, and the Autobots must race to complete the Bomber Project and stop the Decepticons in their tracks!


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Transformers references

  • Ginrai was defeated in battle by Overlord in the previous episode.
  • The mystery of the Decepticon super-weapon has been hanging over the Autobots' heads since "Life? Death? Lightfoot Must Choose". This episode at last identifies the threat as BlackZarak.
  • Likewise, the Autobots have been working on the Bomber Project since the aforementioned episode.
  • The existence of a human station on the moon is one of very few appearances in Super-God Masterforce of any kind of "futuristic" technology, which should be in abundance, given that this series takes place after both Season 3 of the G1 cartoon and The Headmasters, which were full of this kind of stuff.








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