"Either get out of my way or your out of luck."
― Wildrider.

Wildrider is a member of the Stunticons. He is not a very nice person. He prefers to wreak havoc on his own, and his overly violent and uncooperative nature has given even Megatron difficulty in commanding him.


Unreliable Narratives

During the war for Cybertron, Wildrider was critically injured and admitted to the Skyquake Pre-Memorial HospitalShockwave would later request him as a test subject for a laser core procedure that would see his spark transplanted into a new shell form, cloned from Wheeljack


  • The Arms Micron Wildrider toy includes, as do all Arms Micron toys, a number of optional decals to "finish" the figure. Among the decals for Wildrider is a unique Stunticon logo, partly derived from the Stunticon symbol developed for BotCon 2011's "The Stunti-Con Job" comic and box set.
  • His Alt Mode is a Ferrari 308 GTB.
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