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"Sounds like you got a plan, Dragstrip. Y-you got a plan?"
―Wildbreak in Bee Cool.

Wildbreak is a Decepticon who is paired with his partner-in-crime Dragstrip, whose grandiose schemes and bluster more than make up for Wildbreak's skittishness and lack of initiative. Even though Dragstrip sometimes gets frustrated with his lunkheaded partner, Wildbreak makes himself useful by projecting a field that can throw enemies right off their feet. Together with the other combiners, they form the Menasor with Motormaster, Heatseeker and Slashmark.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3


Wildbreak first appeared in Bee Cool where he joined Drag Strip in trying to track down some Cybertronian tech so they could get thermselves into Motormaster's good graces. They were led to the human city of West Rock where they broke into a cache of Cybertronian loot. They were packing up the loot to leave when Bumblebee's team turned up and on hearing they had a Dinobot, Wildbreak immediately fled. The two Cons eventually managed to give the Autobots the slip, but discovered that Strongarm and Grimlock had shut off the only bridge accessing the city. The pair merged into Dragbreak to fight the Autobots atop a parking building — though initially successful, they were ultimately defeated when Bumblebee dropped the roof on them, but escaped after the damaged parking structure partially collapsed.

In The Great Divide, Wildbreak was hanging out at the abandoned base Motormaster was using as a hideout when Drag Strip returned with a pilfered Gravitic Adjuster. His overly-gleeful teammate used the weapon on him as a demonstration of its power, until Motormaster called him off.

In Disordered Personalities, Wildbreak, along with the other Stunticons (minus Motormaster), entered the Crown City Grand Prix, aiming for one of them to win and be crowned “Ruler of the Roads,” as part of their campaign to conquer Earth's highways. Drag Strip and Wildbreak worked together for the majority of the race, and were forced to fend off Strongarm (who was stuck in Bumblebee's body). However, Drag Strip's ambitions of winning the race with Wildbreak as his backup were thwarted when the Autobots redirected two of Heatseeker's missiles back at the Stunticons, allowing Crasher Casey to remain undefeated.

In The Golden Knight, after having some fun chasing off a human police car, Wildbreak and the other Stunticons were confronted by Motormaster, who accused them of taking too long to conquer Earth's roads.

In Railroad Rage, Wildbreak was with the other Stunticons, pushing human cars off the highway, when they were passed by a maglev train. Wildbreak described the train as “beautiful,” but Motormaster was outraged that a vehicle existed that was faster than him, and ordered the Stunticons to steal its power source. They broke into the trainyard to follow his orders, but while they were trying to remove the engine from one of the maglev trains, Grimlock accidentally ran into the control tower, causing the train to start moving at high speed with the Stunticons, Drift and Sideswipe along for the ride. During the ensuing battle, Wildbreak was eventually shoved overboard. Later, he tried to explain to Motormaster that they “gave it their best shot,” earning him a hit from Drag Strip.

In Combine and Conquer, Wildbreak and the other Stunticons were on the receiving end of an angry monologue from Motormaster on their team's failure to defeat the Autobots. After they ran a tanker truck off the road to bait the Autobots to their location, Wildbreak joined the Stunticons in combining into Menasor, taking his spot as the combiner's left arm. Knocking the Autobots off a cliff, Menasor went to attack a human military base, intending to turn its meteor deflection system on the Autobots. However, his plan was thwarted when the Autobots managed to form their own combiner, turning the meteor deflection dish on him instead and sending him flying into the distance.

In Moon Breaker, Wildbreak went with Slashmark to search for Cybertronian technology, and ended up stumbling upon the Autobots’ base. The two of them observed the Autobots departing into space, and reported this to Motormaster, who decided the Stunticons should follow them up there. After a brief space battle, the Stunticons’ tech detector led them to the same cache the Autobots were after, on the surface of the moon. Once there, Motormaster ordered Wildbreak and the other Stunticons to finish off the Autobots while he investigated the cache, but they were too curious to find out what was in it and followed him instead. They promptly combined into Menasor, broke into the cache, and claimed the plasma thermal accelerator module therein. With the help of this upgrade, Menasor knocked the Autobots back and attempted to destroy their ship, but they combined into Ultra Bee and destroyed the plasma module, allowing them to defeat him. Wildbreak and his fellow Stunticons were then put into stasis pods and taken by Optimus Prime back to Cybertron.



Wildbreak serves as the legs of Dragbreak when he combines with Dragstrip.


  • Wildbreak has Breakdown's orange colored face with yellow optics. He also has a lot of Breakdown's traits as well.
  • With Dragstrip being a broad spoof of Jackie Gleason's Ralph Kramden character from The Honeymooners, Wildbreak's characterization is inspired by Ralph Kramden's friend Ed Norton. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then the two sitcom characters were also the inspiration for Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Flintstones.
  • Wildbreak's name makes him seem like a stand-in for classic Generation 1 Stunticon Wildrider, given the way it amalgamates Wildrider's original moniker with his trademark-mandated alternate name "Brake-Neck."


Season 3