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A weighty tome could no doubt be written about Wideload, an ancient warrior from Cybertron's deep past, but nobody really cares about him anyway. He is able to combine with team leader Steamhammer into the towering Constructicon Maximus.

Why was he so obscure? Were there bullies in primary programming who destroyed his self-confidence, ridiculing him for his name and awkward, deformed arm? Who can say?

Japanese name: Gren


Energon cartoon continuity

Wideload made a rare appearance in robot mode during the video game/virtual reality competition played by both the Autobots and Decepticons. Distribution



  • Wideload (Basic, 2005)
    • Team ID number: C2
    • Accessories: Energon claw, Decepticon-style energon chip
Energonwideload toy

You're so fat, when a house, around it?

Wideload, identical in mold to his teammate Duststorm, transforms into a heavy-lifting mobile crane. He can also form a leg or arm to any Energon-series "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot, though his nominal placement is as the huge right boot of Constructicon Maximus. He comes with a giant "energon" claw, which can be wielded in hand or affixed to his boom, and a blue "super energon" Decepticon-style energon star.
This mold was used to make Classics Hightower and Long Haul.
  • Buildron (Gift set, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: EX-01
All five members of Constructicon Maximus were only available in Japan as part of a Toys "R" Us exclusive box set. The Takara version of "Gren" has some slight deco differences from the Hasbro one, mainly the use of lighter gray plastic for the wheels and robot shoulders.


  • Wideload (Basic, 2006)
    • Accessories: Energon claw, Decepticon-style energon chip
Wideload was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and put on the shelves of discount chains. No mention of his combining ability is made on the cardback.

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