White Lion, Run! is the second episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on April 8, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



The Maximals are reunited with their leader, but the Predacons' campaign of destruction is only getting started.


Escaping into the jungle after their battle with the Predacons, the Maximals are instructed by Apache to follow the white lion that saved them. The lion leads them to the crashed remains of their ship, the Yukikaze, where they are greeted by the still-active Navi-chan and transform back to robot mode in the safe, sealed atmosphere of the ship. The lion stalks into the control room, terrifying Tasmania Kid and Diver, but Apache has already deduced the truth that is then revealed—the lion is, in fact, their missing commander, Convoy, or as he is now known, Lio Convoy! After a happy reunion, Lio Convoy explains that he crash-landed on Gaea after the explosion in space, and when he regained consciousness, his body had already been crippled by the harsh atmosphere of the planet. A white lion discovered his injured form and carried him to a cave bursting with Angolmois energy, which restored him to full heath, after which he took the lion's form. Now that he's back in command, Lio Convoy prepares to take the fight to the Predacons… but first, he has Navi-chan prepare a special steak. The other Maximals think that a party is in the works, but really, it's for the lion that saved Lio Convoy's life, much to Tasmania Kid's disappointment. Meanwhile, the Predacons have landed the Galvaburg II atop some ancient ruins deep in the jungle, beneath which Angolmois energy has been detected. Investigating, Galvatron and Megastorm discover an ancient computer containing information on machines and creatures from Gaea's past. Galvatron scans the two most powerful entities the computer has to offer, only to immediately collapse, unconscious. Megastorm is initially distraught, but when he fails to rouse his brother, his tune quickly changes and he declares himself leader of the Predacons. Using the computer, he outfits the four Autorollers with destructive vehicles modes that they quickly put to use razing the landscape to prepare it for construction of a base of operations. Next, the Combatrons are given aerial vehicle modes, and instructed to track down the white lion responsible for the Predacons' earlier defeat (unaware that the beast was actually Lio Convoy). Starscream suggests to BB that they try to capture the lion themselves to get one up on Thrust and Dirge, and as they break off to investigate on their own, they spot the real white lion. BB opens fire, scaring the animal off and causing no end of amusement for Thrust and Dirge, who speed off to get the lion for themselves. In response, BB blasts them with a smokescreen, causing them to crash into a mountain. As Artemis freaks out over all this up in the Moon, and Moon pays little attention, Navi-chan alerts the Maximals to the destruction in the jungle and they head out to deal with the situation. Tasmania Kid, Diver, Bighorn and Scuba tackle the forest fire, with Bighorn enthusiastically beating the flames back while Kid has a go at peeing on them. Neither tactic works especially well, but Scuba saves the day by locating an underground river and causing it to erupt in a geyser that douses the inferno. Lio Convoy and Apache, meanwhile, go to help the injured white lion, and the enraged Lio Convoy decides to take the fight to the enemy. Allowing himself to be captured by Starscream and BB, he is brought before Megastorm (who has scanned himself a tank mode in the meantime) and promptly breaks free. Transforming to robot mode, he unleashes a hail of missiles upon the three Predacons, forcing them to retreat aboard the Galvaburg. As the smoldering ship lurches off over the horizon, Lio Convoy happily affirms the success of their mission, and thanks the lion for all it has done.


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • As Megastorm looks down on his unconscious brother, he is colored green, as if were already in his tank body, when he hasn't actually scanned it yet.

Transformers references

  • Although it's all done for the sake of humor, Tasmania Kid notes that he's grateful to transform back to robot mode, since the longer he spends in beast mode, the more he feels like an animal. The unhealthy influence of a Transformer's beast mode on their mind after prolonged time in that mode was previously seen in "Call of the Wild".
  • Additionally, Kid has picked up the animalistic quirk of scratching behind his ear with his leg in robot mode—not unlike a lot of other Beast Wars characters who picked up strange robot-mode quirks based on their beast modes, like Rattrap's penchant for eating garbage.
  • Before scanning vehicles, the Autorollers are—unusually—portrayed as ambulatory protoforms.
  • This episode's concluding featurette is narrated by Lio Convoy, who provides the audience with a run-down on the Predacons and their abilities.








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