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"Let Dinobot's Spark become one with the Matrix... so Unicron can eat it."

Rodimus battles Unicron for the Matrix... and loses.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 254
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Marvel UK issue #254[]

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Cam Smith
Lettering: Stuart Bartlett


As the Autobots prepare to use lethal force on the possessed Rodimus, they notice the Matrix erupt with light - Rodimus has begun fighting back. Prime has realised that Unicron is using his doubts and fears to possess him, that he's turned the Matrix towards evil, but that the Matrix can be turned back.

Kup wrestles Rodimus to the ground while, inside the Matrix, Rodimus drives Unicron into retreat. Unicron had to turn the Matrix so he could bear to be trapped inside it, and Rodimus will now cleanse it and destroy Unicron at the same time... which point Kup, thinking the Matrix's lightshow was a sign from Rodimus, rips the Matrix out of his chest. This stops the possession and returns Prime to normal, but it means they've lost their chance to destroy their enemy. He'll have to go back and face him again - and this time, Unicron will be ready...

Items of note[]

  • The story follows directly from Shadow of Evil and is the last story told with the movie cast. The Unicron-Matrix plot has never been tied up outside of fanfiction.
  • Both here and in the previous issue, Arcee is the only Autobot shown to be completely willing to use lethal force on Rodimus to stop the massacre and advocates it even when Rodimus appears to be fighting back.
  • As was shown earlier in Aspects of Evil!, Unicron goes on to possess Rodimus again in 2010, reform his physical form, and demolish much of Cybertron. In the year 2356, Rodimus is still possessed and sick as a result, with the Chaos-Bringer's influence sneaking free to corrupt people. Tearing the Matrix out was a great idea - nice one, Kup.
  • The theme of the Matrix being corruptible ties in with the earlier Deathbringer story and the then-upcoming Matrix Quest storyline.