White Cow is a Beastformer in the Generation One continuity family.

Holy me!

White Cow is one of the Autobot Beastformers fighting a war on the planet Beest. His role in the Autobot Beastformer forces is "Resource Development Unit", which sounds very corporate. He also holds the rank of King of Erku, the country on whose plains he was born, over Emperor Dream-Eater.

English name: Bodacious Bovine


  • White Cow (Beastformer, 1987)
Beast ID number: 68
White Cow is an anthropomorphic white Bos taurus in high-tech dark blue armor. He comes with his "Bread & Butter" sword (no, seriously). He has one of three rubsigns on his chest, revealing the elemental power of fire, water, or wood.

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